Sofia Bogdanova A Prodigy Roller Dancer From Russia

We’re used to seeing graceful, balletic performances on the dancefloor and the ice rink, but you need to watch young Russian Sofia Bogdanova as she performs an intricate and precise routine on rollerblades.

The video was recorded at the Slalom open competition in Shanghai in 2017. Sofia is dressed beautifully in a dark blue mini-dress. Her skirt dances around her as she moves expertly in and out of the cones used to judge her performance.

She performs a lot of the routine on her toes, and it’s incredible that she can move as effortlessly as if she were on her tiptoes. It’s no surprise that she won the competition that year and the next, too.

Sofia was born on August the 6th, 2005, in Moscow, Russia. Her parents sent her for ice-skating lessons when she was four, leading to her interest in roller skating a few years afterward. It was quickly apparent that she was a prodigy and that she had a big future ahead of her.

However, being a prodigy didn’t mean she was able to take things easy. Sofia practices five days a week, which is a lot for a seventeen-year-old, never mind a seven, ten or twelve-year-old. Sofia must have had to sacrifice a lot of play dates, parties and tv time while she was growing up.

All that practice has certainly paid off. She has won the World Slalom Championship six times and the European championships nine times. That’s a lot to pack in, considering she’s still a child. Her exceptional skill led to her winning a Global Child Prodigy Award in 2020.

If you’ve never seen Sofia perform, start with the 2017 Shanghai Slalom. It is a jaw-dropping, gravity-defying performance. At times it seems that she must lose her balance because no one can possibly skate backwards through cones while balancing on just one heel. She does not fall, though. Instead, she flows effortlessly through her routine as if it were as easy as falling off a log.

She looks utterly serene as she skates, and her obvious enjoyment seems to light her up from within. With her blonde hair, she could almost be mistaken for an angel, but it’s doubtful an angel could roller skate this well! It’s a flawless performance that you have to see to believe, and plenty of people have seen it.

The video has been watched 86 million times over the last five years and has received 971,000 likes. YouTube viewers rave in the comments about Sofia’s skill and beauty. One commenter summed it up perfectly, “Can’t even do this with normal shoes on and just walking…normally. Some people are just born artists. She has found her talent and…she practiced years and years and years.”

Once you’ve been blown away by this performance, there are lots more of Sofia’s videos out there. Take a look at this one from 2016, where she skates to Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life. It will give you chills!

If you would like to see more from Sofia Bogdanova, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram.

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