Not A Dry Eye In The House After Inspiration Golden Buzzer Performance From Sign Along With Us

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after Sign Along With Us made their inspirational performance on Britain’s Got Talent. Judge Alesha Dixon had tears streaming down her cheeks as she watched the spirited performance from the group, and you might just have the same reaction. Sign Along With Us created a vocal, dance, and sign language performance and went home with the golden buzzer after the judges recognized their talent and unique story.

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The act opened with Jade Kilduff, 18, and her brother Christian, 4, hitting the stage, where Jade told their story. “We were told that Christian would never be able to communicate,” she said. “I taught him sign language so that he could talk. And he’s here, a little miracle, proving everybody wrong.” A brightly-dressed choir then walked onstage, where a young lady with the voice of an angel opened the song, as Jade communicated the lyrics of the song through sign language as the act got underway.

The audition was a hit online, attracting 44 million views, making it one of the most popular auditions on the Britain’s Got Talent YouTube channel. The group consisted of people of all ages and different abilities, and they performed a feel-good song about marching to the beat of your own drum and never letting anything, or anyone, bring you down.

The positive vibe of the performance had the audience onside from the get-go, and the unique approach the group had definitely made it one of the most memorable auditions on the show. Judge Amanda Holden commented first, with more than a touch of emotion in her voice, saying, “That song was such an anthem for people… and I just found it really, really moving. It was absolutely brilliant.” Later in the series, Sign Along With Us sang “True Colours” and really stretched their legs with a big production.

The audition clearly made a big impact on Dixon, who said, “I genuinely can’t find the words, and Christian, you are an absolutely little star, so thank you.” Simon Cowell then admitted he had a friend in the choir, and pointed out young singer Ella, who waved at him. He said the two had met at an event where he heard her sing, and he recalled that he said, “‘I have a feeling that one day you’re going to be auditioning on one of our shows.’ And guess what, you’re here.”

Cowell continued, saying, “You’re saying ‘this is me’, and I’m thinking you are us. Because you define what this show should be all about. This is an audition I will never ever forget.” After such rave reviews, the judges weren’t going to let the group go home empty-handed. David Walliams hit the golden buzzer, prompting an emotional celebration from the group.

If you want to witness more of the inspiring performances from Sign Along With Us, do not hesitate to subscribe to their YouTube Channel. You can also follow their heartfelt journey and stay up to date with their latest performances on their Facebook page. Revel in the power of unity, perseverance, and talent brought to you by Sign Along With Us.

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