Shaun Dooley Covers Taylor Swift, Gets Shook When She Turns Up To His Studio Session!

English drama star Shaun Dooley was casually recording a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Never Grow Up” for charity one day when Swift blew his mind by walking into the studio unannounced. The veteran actor was deeply concentrating as he sang a husky version of the ballad when that world-famous voice came into his headphones.

Swift cheekily told him his accent was “a bit Yorkshire” and asked him to do it again and give it more of a “little bit more of an American accent.” After processing what he was hearing for a moment, Dooley said, “Are you kidding me?” and was clearly emotional, putting his hands over his face. Luckily for us, the BBC captured the moving moment and you can check it out for yourself below.

Swift then made her way into the vocal booth and the pair shared a hug. T-Swizzle thanked him for covering one of her songs for the charity album, to which Dooley replied, “I love this song so much, honestly.” Dooley was recording the song as part of Got It Covered, which is a charity album made in support of Children in Need.

Swift was a big fan of the charity effort, saying, “And the fact that you’re doing it for Children In Need is just the most wonderful thing.” She explained that she can’t sing the song live because she “wrote the song about moving out, and realizing I wasn’t going to be a kid anymore and that I’d never have that again.” Swift has made several memorable appearances for charity, including a feel-good performance of “Livin’ On a Prayer” with Bon Jovi and Prince William.

Swift had plenty of praise for Dooley, saying that her heart “doubled in size” after hearing he was dedicating the song to his family. She added that he sounded great on the cover, and that she’s a big Broadchurch fan, a drama in which Dooley played criminal Ricky Gillespie. He got a laugh out of this and quipped “I’m not as nasty in real life”.

Dooley later reflected on the moment, saying “If I had known she was there I would have chickened out and said ‘I can’t do it.’” He added that he had his eyes closed while recording because “I had to try and pretend nobody else was there and I was just singing to my kids.” He then said that at first he believed a random American woman was interrupting his session before the penny dropped and he realized it was Swift herself.

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