Shane Ericks The Karen Carpenter Of The Philippines

Shane Ericks is a known as “The Karen Carpenter of the Philippines” because of her vocal tone and brilliant covers of the Carpenters hit songs. She opened her YouTube channel in 2010 and has since managed to grow an audience of 240k+ subscribers with a staggering 40 million views across all her videos.

Shane mainly covers classic rock and pop songs on her channel, of which many videos have had well in excess of 1 million views. Her covers of “You,” “Top of the World,” and “Love Me for What I Am” have received an incredible amount of attention from Carpenter fans across the globe. Shane’s vocals carry a deeply rich quality which was a clear attribute of Karen Carpenter, a vocal tone many fans thought they would never hear again.

Shane never thought that her covers of the Carpenters would cause such an outpour of love to come her way. Her voice resembles attributes of the late Karen Carpenter so closely that she was contacted by people who worked directly with Karen Carpenter expressing their surprise at the resemblance.

One such musician was Drummer Liberty DeVitto, who worked on Carpenter’s solo album and also recorded and toured with Billy Joel. He made a point of arranging a meeting with Shane just to tell her how much her music moves him. Songwriter Donnie Demers said Ericks’ voice is “as close to the voice of Karen Carpenter as any I’ve ever heard.”

Shane says she creates music to help heal and uplift the world. Her unique vocal tone and vocal clarity brings new life to all the songs she sings.

Born in the Philippines, Shane has lived in South Carolina for over a decade where she has won a multitude of awards for her musical talents. Her career has gone from strength to strength over recent years which has allowed her to tour Europe performing in Bern and Zurich in Switzerland, she has played in the UK capital, London, Swansea in Wales, Florence in Italy, and Dublin in Ireland.

Music, Shane says, “is just a bonus for me. It’s a gift from God, and I have to give it back.” If you want to see more from Shane Ericks and her unique vocals, subscribe to her YouTube channel or you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram. You can also visit her official website for more content, information and tour dates.

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