Nine Year Old Sean Song Performs Unbelievable Cover Of Hotel California

Allow us to introduce you to Sean Song, a tremendously talented guitarist from South Korea. It’s always impressive when a musician takes on a classic song and kills it. However, when the musician in question is only nine years old, it’s insane!

Sean taught himself to play the guitar when he was only six. He started a YouTube channel and started uploading his performances of classic songs a year later. Since then, many of his videos have gone viral, and he has built a large following on YouTube. He currently has 702,000 subscribers to his channel, not bad considering he’s only fifteen!

One of the performances that has drawn the most attention is Sean’s rendition of Hotel California by The Eagles. It was recorded when he was nine, and his guitar almost looks too big for him to hold, let alone play like a master. Sean looks so cute in a red baseball cap and white shirt. He plays with an intensity that seems impossible in such a young boy.

What’s even more amazing is that he created the arrangement himself. As well as playing the guitar, Sean has been writing original music and crafting innovative arrangements since he was seven. His website says he specialises in pop and k-pop compositions, but considering how well he plays Hotel California, surely the sky is the limit as he gets older.

Even now, his skill is undeniable. He plays Hotel California with as much skill as anyone who has ever performed it, possibly even The Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh. What makes this performance extra special though is Sean’s joy. He has a little smile through the whole piece and often moves his head in time with the music. He may be performing for the internet but he seems so lost in the music it’s like he’s only playing for himself.

In the five years since it was uploaded this video has been viewed 4.1 million times and received 61,000 likes. As Sean is so young comments are turned off but it’s safe to say a lot of people love to watch this talented young man play. The video is also featured on Facebook and it’s safe to say it had a big impact. It has received 1.2 million views and been shared 20,000 times. There is a lot of love in the comments, too. As one commenter exclaimed, “Wow, I’m just going to burn my guitars now. I’ve been playing for 40 years and can’t do that. Great job.”

So, what’s next for Sean? Sadly little is known about him, although this is understandable as he’s not even sixteen. He must still be attending school but he still finds time to write and record music. He offers songwriting services online so an album must be in his future one day soon. Perhaps he is waiting to graduate before dedicating himself to his music completely. Whatever the truth is this young man is one to watch.

If you would like to see more from this talented young musician, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Facebook.

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