School Of Rock Students Cover California Dreamin’ And Absolutely Smash It

Watch a truly incredible performance of Califonia Dreamin' by the students of School of Rock. When most of us hear the name School of Rock, we think of the 2003 school-based comedy starring Jack Black.

However, the School of Rock isn't a work of fiction. It's the biggest music school in the world and its fame rivals the movie's. On any given day, tens of thousands of students take part in one of its classes, camps, workshops or programs.

Luckily for music lovers, School of Rock has a YouTube channel and has uploaded lots of student performances. The talent of the singers is truly incredible, and it's so wonderful to watch as they obviously love to perform.

California Dreamin was one of the biggest hits for American folk group The Mamas and The Papas. It reached the top ten in nine countries and sold over a million copies in the United States alone. It has been covered several times, including by The Beach Boys, but the School of Rock version stands up to them all.

The video features Lauren Frihauf as lead vocalist, background vocals by Savanna, Ava, and Jake, Jon on the drums, Kamryn playing bass, Victor and Miguel on 12-string and 6-string guitar, respectively, and last but not least, Keys by Declan.

As all the performers must still be at school, their talent and professionalism are extremely impressive. Lauren has a smoky and soulful voice that seems far beyond her years, and the backing vocalists complement it perfectly with their gorgeous harmonies. Everyone in the video seems embedded in the music, playing or singing in time and moving to the beat.

It's no wonder the video has been viewed 8.4 million times and received 95,000 likes. Many commenters think it stands up very favourably to the original, which is quite an honour. As one viewer put it: "I've watched this video maybe 50-60 times now. I keep coming back to it when I want to just chill and get lost in it. It is that good. Everyone on this recording, those who arranged, sang, played, produced, mixed, and filmed it are absolutely superb. The Mamas and Papas would surely smile on this. It is a gem, a gift for the ages."

If you've never seen it, be sure to check it out now. If you want to see more from these fantastic students of rock, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel and Facebook page. You can also visit their official website for more information.

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