Dreamy Sam Cieri Will Make Your Heart Melt With His Incredible Voice On America’s Got Talent

Sam Cieri had the ladies in the audience just melting with his incredible voice on America’s Got Talent. The dreamy New Jersey native displayed the full package on the show, charming the audience during a brief chat with the judges and then making them drop their jaws to the floor when he opened his mouth to sing.

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While singing to a piano backing, Cieri displayed a smoky voice that was both technically impressive and full of his own unique character as a vocalist. In further testament to his skill as a musician, Cieri performed his own original song, “What Makes You Sad”, from his indie band, Nicotine Dolls.

Judges Heidi Klum and Sofía Vergara were big fans of Cieri, giving him a standing ovation while Simon Cowell stayed seated. However, the heavyweight of the panel did give a thumbs up to the singer. Klum said, “I mean, if Rod Stewart and John Mayer had a baby,” to which Cieri quipped, “They’re my parents.” Klum then gushed, “You have a very, very special voice.”

Vergara was not shy about expressing how she felt about Cieri, saying, “You’re so different and sexy, and you know what, I think this is your moment Sam.” Cowell chimed in last, saying, “You know what’s great Sam, is that it was really authentic. You were very honest with us as well… It was like you’d swallowed a great singer because the way you talk is like there’s somebody else in you.” Cieri has also released several popular YouTube videos with the Nicotine Dolls, including his Goo Goo Dolls cover, “Iris.”

Cowell then put Cieri’s audition to a vote, noting that it was a mere formality as everyone knew how it was going to go down. He was correct as the talented singer then got a clean sweep of three yes votes in quick succession.

Cieri is a truly remarkable singer-songwriter, and he had a good chance of winning the entire competition. Numerous fans speculated online that he would go on to do just that. However, his America’s Got Talent journey went in a different direction, as he withdrew from the competition before making a second appearance on the show.

Cieri explained to his fans on TikTok that he withdrew because the producers attempted to change the brand of Nicotine Dolls. The singer said that the producers only allowed him to audition solo, rather than with the band, and that he accepted on the condition that he would be there as a representative for Nicotine Dolls. The producers then pressured him to make subsequent appearances as a solo artist, and rather than capitulate, Cieri stuck to his guns and withdrew from the competition.

Since his appearance on the 17th season of America’s Got Talent, Cieri has continued to release music with Nicotine Dolls. It seems his decision to leave the show has been justified, as the group has found success by sticking to their formula. Currently, Nicotine Dolls have 207,000 subscribers on YouTube and have several videos that have surpassed one million views.

If you would like to hear more from the impressively talented Sam Cieri, who stunned the audience on America’s Got Talent with his smoky voice and original song, you can follow him on his Instagram page. Don’t miss out on his breathtaking performances.

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