Sabrina Carpenter Stuns With Dreamy Chappell Roan Cover

Straight off the back of her support slot at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour from the end of 2023 and into the beginning of 2024, Sabrina Carpenter took to the BBC Live Lounge in order to share her live vocals with a wider audience and promote her new album. With a now rapidly growing fanbase, thanks to the exposure her Eras Tour performances brought her, many people flocked to watch the videos of her performing at the iconic Maida Vale studios in London.

In Live Lounge tradition, invited musicians must perform a cover of another artist’s song. For Sabrina’s appearance, she sang ‘Good Luck, Babe’ by Chappell Roan. Chappell is another artist who has experienced a recent rise in popularity due to her appearance as support on Olivia Rodrigo’s 2024 tour. Sabrina performed an atmospheric and delicate cover of the song, with fans complimenting her vocal talent with comments like “she floats between notes as if that were the easiest thing to do.”

Sabrina then performed one of her own songs – ‘Please Please Please’. This track is the second single off her new album, ‘Short n’ Sweet’, due to be released in August 2024, and her second hit single of the summer. Improving the success of her previous single, ‘Espresso’, which reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, ‘Please Please Please’ shot to number one, proving that Sabrina’s winning streak is well set on the path to continue.

Taking to the floor in the Live Lounge to perform her song, the track was a contrast to her cover of ‘Good Luck, Babe’, but no less impressive. Her dreamy vocals blended with the upbeat pop sound of the song, providing the heart and soul of the fun and danceable track. Not only were her vocals pitch perfect, but Sabrina sold the song with her performance, using her facial expressions and gestures to sell the song’s story as she pleaded with a lover not to let her down.

Sabrina Carpenter is shooting to new heights with her single releases, but with her Live Lounge performances, she has proved that she has more than impressive songwriting abilities and commercial hits. Sabrina has shown viewers her stunning live vocal talent, which holds up on its own just as well as a studio recording. Not only that, but she has proven her ability as a captivating performer, causing viewers to comment, “She uses so much of her acting talent, and you can easily tell she’s an actress.” With so much to offer, Sabrina is sure to continue to charm all who hear and see her perform.

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