12-Year-Old Ronan Parke Blows The Roof Off Britain’s Got Talent With “Feeling Good”

After hearing 12-year-old Ronan Parke sing on Britain’s Got Talent, judge Michael McIntyre declared that the youngster blew the roof off the place with his version of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.” The schoolboy looked quite adorable with his floppy blond hair, but when the music came on, he was all business, showing off a surprisingly sonorous and powerful voice.

Ronan had both a full low end and a buttery high end that showed his young age a bit more when he reached up into the higher range. He also displayed incredible composure and looked completely in his element on the big stage. The young talent brought the house down when he finished the song, receiving a standing ovation from the room.

Ronan’s audition went down in Britain’s Got Talent history as one of the most popular segments in the history of the show, with 51 million views clocked up on YouTube. The judges knew straight away the kid was the real deal, with Amanda Holden excitedly declaring, “That was ace. I cannot believe how fantastic that was!” Michael McIntyre then cheekily suggested that given Ronan had taken the day off school, he probably shouldn’t bother going back after taking Britain’s Got Talent by storm.

The judges’ praise put a big smile on Ronan’s face and he looked like a little cherub by this point, with his cheeks all pink. Louis Walsh told him, “I’m going to predict really big things for you. You’re so good!” Ronan made several popular performances during his time on Britain’s Got Talent, including his rendition of Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”.

The judges then took a vote on Ronan, and all three gave the youngster resounding yes votes. Walsh then declared, “Ronan Parke; remember that name. This kid is going to be a star.” The schoolboy then teared up at this moment and went offstage to get some big hugs from his proud family.

Ronan was the bookies’ favourite to win the fifth season of Britain’s Got Talent, although he eventually placed second. He went on to enjoy chart success later that year with the release of his debut self-titled album. The Sony Music / Syco Music release hit number 22 on the UK charts. He subsequently recorded his second album, Found My Way, in 2018.

For more from the extraordinary talent Ronan Parke, head over to his YouTube channel, or follow him for more updates on Instagram. Check out his memorable performances that showcase his remarkable voice and commanding stage presence.

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