Rodelle Borja’s Stunning Ireland’s Got Talent Audition Blows Judges Away Despite Contestant’s Shyness

Some songs are so classic and so incredibly popular that they’ve been covered countless times, and often without the impact of the original version. Take the song of this article’s focus, for example: “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis Presley. A true classic from the undisputed King Of Rock And Roll, and an almost impossible task to not only do it full justice, but to also put a fresh spin on this hit.

On Ireland’s Got Talent – the Irish edition of the popular talent show Britain’s Got Talent – this is the song that Rodelle Borja – a nurse – chose to bring to life. Hailing from the Philippines, this individual was a bundle of nerves approaching the judges and the audience, but little did they know the powerful and soothing voice that was waiting for them when he began singing. Watch the incredible clip of his audition below:

Rodelle has been trying to overcome a strutter throughout his life which he says he has only managed to mask so far. He wanted to inspire other adult’s with a stutter by singing on national TV. Despite not projecting the confidence of an experienced vocalist on stage, that didn’t stop Rodelle Borja from singing his heart out and captivating the audience with his beautiful vocal style. While “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” is an Elvis classic, Rodelle did an excellent job of toning the punch of the track down, and offering an even softer version of one of the most romantic songs in history.

And his performance was noticed by not only the audience, who immediately cheered upon hearing his voice, but the judges also. TV personality Louis Walsh initially tried to help Rodelle with his nerves prior to his performance, but was visibly surprised when Rodelle began. After that point, each time the cameras pointed towards the judges it showed their shock and awe at this unsuspecting man’s incredible talent. Denise Van Outen was also seen singing along with Rodelle during his performance.

After a resounding positive performance in his audition, Rodelle Borja then went on to compete in the rest of the Ireland’s Got Talent competition. He flew through some tough competition and worked his way up to the nerve wracking semi-final, where he competed against 14-year-old Iveta who performed “I Will Never Love Again” from A Star Is Born.

After his audition performance, it was quite clear that Rodelle was in total shock at the reception to his performance. One judge stood and applauded – one of the highest honours in the performing world. As an act of kindness and reassurance to Rodelle, Louis Walsh then pointed towards the audience cheering, and reminded Rodelle that they are cheering for him for his talent. Many times in talent shows, a lack of confidence can make or break an audition, and a little reassurance can go a long way in someone’s life.

Unfortunately, Ireland’s Got Talent was cancelled after the 2019 season which featured Rodelle. It is uncertain whether or not the Filipino nurse has continued his singing career, but we wish him the very best in his future. It’s evident from his audition and semi-final performance that he has the ability to go very far with his soothing yet powerful stage presence and vocal talent. If you would like to see more from Rodelle Borja, you can subscribe to his Instagram.

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