Watch Rick Astley Rock ACDC’s “Highway To Hell” On The Drums At Glastonbury

Rick Astley thrilled fans with his Glastonbury set, showcasing his talents beyond his iconic hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Thousands eagerly gathered at the Pyramid Stage to witness the ’80s star, who gained a new following through the phenomenon of “Rickrolling.”

Astley’s performance was not limited to his own repertoire. He took the stage with a drumset and delivered an impressive cover of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell.”

The crowd was captivated by his drumming skills, earning him widespread acclaim on social media. Some even humorously dubbed the festival “Rick Astonbury” in his honor.

Dressed in a dusky rose-colored suit, Astley’s debut at Glastonbury was met with great anticipation. Opening his set with the ’80s hit “Together Forever,” he also treated the audience to a cover of Harry Styles’ “As It Was.” Reflecting on his passion for drums, Astley shared a personal anecdote, recalling how he broke his first drumming record while practicing to AC/DC as a 15-year-old in his father’s greenhouse.

In addition to his classics, Astley performed songs like “Whenever You Need Somebody” from 1987 and unveiled a new track called “Dippin My Feet” from his upcoming ninth studio album, “Are We There Yet?,” set to release in October.

Following his set, indie band Blossoms announced that Astley would join them on the newly-renamed Woodsies stage later in the day. Together, they planned to perform a set exclusively comprising covers of Manchester outfit The Smiths. Astley expressed his love for The Smiths, acknowledging that covering their music might be seen as sacrilegious, but he emphasized his disregard for criticism and his eagerness to collaborate with Blossoms.

Astley’s Glastonbury appearance left a lasting impact, showcasing his musical prowess and earning him praise from fans. His dynamic drumming and energetic stage presence continue to captivate audiences. As he prepares to release his ninth studio album, Astley’s passion for music remains unwavering, and his live performances remain a testament to his enduring popularity.

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