Remembering Bing Crosby, The Most Popular Media Star Of The Early 20th Century

Bing Crosby was born on may 3rd 1903 and sadly died on October 14th, 1977, at the age of 73. He suffered a heart attack having just completed a golf round at La Moraleja golf course near Madrid in Spain.

He was born Harry Lillis Crosby Jr. and became a world famous star for his singing and acting abilities. In fact, Bing recorded over 1,600 songs (25 number ones) and played in over 70 films and appeared in numerous radio programmes. Perhaps his most famous song being Irving Berlin’s great ‘White Christmas’ written for the film ‘Holiday Inn’. Many people have recorded this song since but none as successful as Bing’s.

Only The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson can rival Bing’s biggest selling sales achievement. He was also one of only 33 people to receive 3 stars on the ‘Hollywood Walk Of Fame’!

As an actor Bing was very versatile in westerns, dramas, comedies and obviously in musicals. He was the first actor to be awarded 2 Oscars for playing the same character twice – Father Chuck O’Malley in the 1944 film “Going My Way,” and returning as O’Malley in the 1945 film ‘The Bells of St. Mary’s’’.

In the Second World War he boosted the morale of service men serving overseas and in 1948 was voted ‘The most admired man alive’.

He was named “Der Bingle” in Germany and “El Bingo” in Spanish-speaking nations and was one of the most successful stars in show business history.

He was twice married and was father to seven children. He was also well known for his many films alongside his good friend Bob Hope in the ‘Road To’ films from 1940 until 1962.

As well as a keen and talented golfer, Bing also was a co-owner in the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball team and bred racehorses. Bing Crosby was without any doubt the most influential and popular media star of the first part of the 20th century and to this day is still sadly missed.

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