Golden Buzzer For Saskatchewan Singer Rebecca Strong

When Rebecca Strong entered the stage at the Canada’s Got Talent audition, she was asked by judge Lily Sigh if she felt nervous. Despite her confident introduction, the 20-year-old from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, replied that she was nervous. However, she said she believed in the old saying, “If you’re not nervous, then you’re not passionate about it.” Then, she began to sing a cover of ‘Stone Cold’ by Demi Lovato, and the passion she spoke of shone through.

Rebecca stunned audiences with her powerful and soulful voice, bringing them to their feet in a standing ovation. The singer was moved to tears by the overwhelming reaction. When Lily Sigh asked what she would do if she won the million-dollar prize money, Rebecca gave a thoughtful response, explaining that she would like her father to be able to retire. Then, Lily shocked Rebecca entirely by pressing the golden buzzer, putting Rebecca straight through to the next round and awarding her $25,000.

Despite her amazing voice, this is Rebecca’s first time performing on a stage of this size. She has previously performed in local singing competitions such as Search for the Stars and Voices of the North. The singer also appeared at the Muskoday Music Festival in 2023 – a festival in Rebecca’s hometown of Prince Albert, hosted by the local First Nations community. Most of the time, Rebecca shared her teenage passion for singing on various social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

One of Rebecca’s most successful videos was a cover of a Demi Lovato song – the same artist she chose to cover for her Canada’s Got Talent audition. This time, she performed the song ‘Sober,’ giving a moving rendition of the already emotional song. Little did Rebecca know that, as she sang in her childhood bedroom, her father was filming her singing. Capturing Rebecca at her most authentic, the video was uploaded to Facebook. It then went viral, reaching over 1M views on the social media site.

With Rebecca finally taking her stunning vocals to a larger platform, audiences are already betting on the singer’s winning potential. The YouTube video of her performance is flooded with comments such as “She’s already won our hearts.” and “Thanks for making Saskatchewan people so proud!”, making it clear that many viewers are rooting for her already. As more contestants get through to the next round, the competition is heating up, but with the help of Lily’s golden buzzer, Rebecca is well on her way to going far in this year’s series of Canada’s Got Talent.

If you would like to hear more from the talented Rebecca Strong, you can subscribe to her YouTube Channel for more incredible music. You can also follow her musical journey on her Instagram.

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