Little 13-Year-Old Rachel Crow Sings Like A Soul Queen On Beyoncé Cover On The X Factor

You won’t believe the huge voice that comes out of little 13-year-old Rachel Crow when she sings Beyoncé’s “If I Were A Boy” on The X Factor USA. The schoolgirl looked super adorable with her frizzy hair, but when she picked up the mic, she sang like the queen of soul herself. It’s really quite remarkable how powerful and mature the voice that came out of such a little girl was.

Rachel hit every note in the song without breaking a sweat and looked completely at home on the stage. She said she was “scared” before performing, but you couldn’t tell onstage, as she just had the calm vibe of a born entertainer. Her performance attracted 40 million views online, making it the most popular video in the history of the show in the US.

Before performing, Rachel displayed quiet confidence despite her nerves, saying, “It means everything, and I know that I’m meant to be here.” The Boulder, Colorado schoolgirl kept the judges guessing before her performance, telling Simon Cowell that “it’s a surprise” when he asked about what she would be singing. She definitely didn’t disappoint with her choice of song.

The judges were not making remarks during the bootcamp round, but fans at home had plenty to say about Rachel’s performance, adding comments such as “To this day, this song still gives me goosebumps. She sang with so much maturity, so moving” and “It’s amazing how young she is, and you know she probably hasn’t gone through such heartbreak, but her voice is so convincing it’s practically impossible not to feel anything.” Earlier in the competition, Rachel auditioned with Duffy’s “Mercy.”

During her time on the first season of The X Factor, Rachel was eliminated in the quarterfinal. The results of the round were in deadlock, and she was let go after she went up against Marcus Canty in a sing-off.
Rachel has had quite a successful career in the entertainment industry since her time on The X Factor. A year after appearing on the show, she signed a recording contract with Columbia Records and subsequently released an EP that hit the top 20 on the US Heat chart in 2012.
The young talent also signed with Nickelodeon to present her own television show the same year. Her show didn’t eventuate, but she did appear on several other Nickelodeon shows such as Fred: The Show and Big Time Rush.

If you love soulful voices, check out Rachel Crow. This young woman first made waves singing Beyoncé’s “If I Were A Boy” on The X Factor USA, wowing the audience and judges alike with her enormous voice. Despite being 13 years old at the time, her powerful and mature voice took everyone by surprise. Offstage, she held her head high even when she felt nervous, proof that she’s a born entertainer. Keen to follow her journey? Be sure to check out her Instagram page too.

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