High School Prom Couples Stun Fellow Students With Awesome Kaleidoscope Dance

High School Prom Couples’ Impress With Kaleidoscope Dance

Eight pairs of students mesmerised the crowd at their prom when they performed a stunning display of ballroom dancing. Although a prom is a normal part of the end-of-year festivities for students around the world, Kecskeméti Református Gimnázium in Hungary takes it a step further.

The eight couples looked nervous but excited as they assembled, girls on one side and boys on the other, to perform for a crowd of their parents, teachers and friends. Watch their awesome Kaleidoscope Dance in the video below.

The Kaleidoscope Dance

They have a tradition of asking a number of that year’s leavers to perform a group dance at the ball. The girls looked a vision in floaty, formal ball gowns, perfect makeup, and hair pulled back elegantly. The boys scrubbed up pretty nicely, too, looking very dashing in their formal suits.

Their dance began with a flawlessness that clearly showed how much time and effort the students had poured into practising it. Executing the spins and twirls of a classical waltz effortlessly, their parents can only have watched in amazement as they wondered what had happened to their awkward, thoroughly modern teenagers. This very formal affair had a slightly modern twist with the addition of music from the contemporary movie Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The group continued to perform the dance perfectly, moving with total synchronicity and not a single trip or stumble in sight. Anyone who has ever watched an episode of Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars knows this is no mean feat. It’s even more impressive for teenagers whose bodies seem to change almost by the day. Clearly, they all put their heart and soul into learning this dance from top to bottom.

For the girls, it must have been a chance to live out their princess fantasies, dressed in stunning gowns and dancing elegantly with handsome boys. In one particularly beautiful and romantic moment, each pair faced each other with their hands entwined and gazed into each others’ eyes. The dance progressed and included lifts until they ended the waltz part by forming a circle in which all the dancers held hands and moved so completely together it was as if they were one single being. You can only imagine the bruises and stumbles it took to get this right in rehearsals!

After the waltz, the students picked up the tempo and performed a number inspired by the swinging sixties. This dance featured more kicks and flicks and must have tested the stamina even of teenagers. The dance concluded with the boys in the most romantic pose, down on one knee, as their partners danced around them. The display ended beautifully with the exhausted yet delighted dancers exchanging flowers and gifts and congratulating each other on a job well done. If you love dancing then, check out this fantastic performance now.

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