Pink Proves Rock Chops In Taylor Hawkins Tribute

When Taylor Hawkins passed away suddenly in 2022 after over 25 years of being the drummer in the Foo Fighters, it came as a sad shock to those close to him, as well as fans who loved his music. In tribute, the Foo Fighters joined together with fans for two special concerts in his memory, one taking place in London, the other in Los Angeles. As part of the events, many of Taylor’s favorite musicians and friends came to take part and perform in his memory.

At the LA concert, taking place at the Kia Forum, one of these special guests was Pink. Dave Grohl introduced the segment of the show as “the part where all of Taylor’s good friends come up and play” before launching into the iconic Foo Fighters’ hit ‘The Pretender’. Pink walked onto the stage to join Dave on vocals in tribute to her late friend. Many viewers were shocked by the pop star’s impressive rock-style vocals, with one online viewer commenting, “Is there anything Pink can’t sing?”.

Many other iconic musicians showed up to pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins and his music. At the London concert, the likes of Liam Gallagher, Paul McCartney, Brian Johnson, John Paul Jones, and Lars Ulrich appeared to play in tribute. In Los Angeles, concertgoers were treated to performances by legendary musicians such as Joan Jett, Brad Wilk, and Nancy Wilson. Pink took to the stage once more with another legendary band performing that night – Queen.

Taking to the stage alongside original Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor, Pink jumped in at the last minute to fill in for someone who had come down with COVID and could no longer perform at the concert. Shocking fans with an unrehearsed and yet pitch-perfect cover of ‘Somebody To Love’, she stepped into the large shoes of legendary vocalist Freddie Mercury and pulled off yet another impressive performance, proving her rock vocals once again.

With so many stunning musicians coming together to show their appreciation for Taylor Hawkins, it was clear how much he meant to others as both a musical inspiration and a friend. Pink was able to join together with other friends of Taylor’s to pay tribute, first by performing one of his band’s classic hits and then by performing a cover that Taylor himself often used to sing on Foo Fighters tours. Bringing out her rock chops, Pink was able to give a powerful and appropriate tribute to this beloved rock legend.

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