Pink Floyd Perform Mesmeric Live Version Of Classic Hit At Earls Court

Pink Floyd is a band that has never had a problem putting on incredible live shows for their fans. Formed in London in 1965, at first they were well-known for the mind-blowing psychedelic light shows that accompanied their live gigs, while later on, their eye-catching stage design and undeniable musicianship helped them achieve stratospheric levels of fame. Many of the clips of the group available online support these credentials too, often showing the band playing at enormous arena venues.

One such clip – which has since been viewed by an eye-watering 92 million people – shows Pink Floyd performing at the legendary Earls Court venue in London in 1994. Playing their highest-charting UK hit to date, ‘Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)’, which was originally released in 1979, the group combines sound effects, lighting techniques, irrepressible stage presence and some impressive playing and singing to create a performance that is both deeply immersive and highly entertaining.

Alongside the recognisable tones of guitarist David Gilmour’s accomplished solos, perhaps the most memorable part of the clip is the stage effects, particularly the lighting, which dominates the visual aspects of the performance. The spotlights at the top of the stage, for instance, flash ominously in time with the beat of the song, while the lights directly in front of the stage reveal the words “hey” and “teacher” that both feature prominently in the song’s lyrics.

Another track the band performed that night was their 1980 single ‘Comfortably Numb’, which came at the end of the gig. Again, the stage effects played a huge part in the performance, with a huge ring of lights shrouded in smoke descending on the stage, creating a halo-like effect for the audience. Coupled with the music’s melodic, multi-layered feel, this brought an intensely emotive feel to the performance, and as such made ‘Comfortably Numb’ a perfect choice for one of the gig’s final songs.

Watching these two performances, the reasons why Pink Floyd is both one of the world’s best-loved and best-selling bands quickly become apparent. Not only are David Gilmour and his bandmates’ musical talents on show for all to see, but the stage effects the group uses during the performances show that they truly deserve their legacy as one of history’s all-time greatest artists.

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