P!nk And Daughter, Willow, Release The Adorable Duet Cover Me In Sunshine

As a world-famous pop star with more than 60 million album sales and 75 million single sales, P!nk is no stranger to recording a hit song. However, her daughter Willow has decided to get in on the action this time. The mother-daughter duo recorded an original song called Cover Me In Sunshine.

They initially launched on TikTok before it came out as a single a few days later. It has been a huge hit on social media. It has been viewed 46 million times on TikTok since it was launched in February 2021 and 78 million times on YouTube. Those are pretty impressive numbers.

Sadly, it didn't do quite as well in the UK or US charts, reaching number 52 and only charting on the Bubbling Under Hot 100, respectively. The single was more popular in Europe, hitting number 1 in Belgium, Romania and Slovakia and 2 in Latvia, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

The response from critics was very positive. They enthused that P!nk and Willow are "the cutest twosome around", called the song "upbeat and positive", and praised the vocals as "fabulous" flow.

It is a lovely song with a flowing, dreamlike quality, and it's hard not to smile while watching the video. Fans of The Greatest Showman will remember that this is not the first musical outing for this talented duo. They performed a version of A Million Dreams on The Greatest Showman: Reimagined album. After a hugely positive fan response P!ink promised to make another collaboration with Willow in future.

Of course, Covid got in the way and plans had to be put on hold. Then, in February 2021, when the world was starting to emerge from the worst of the pandemic, P!nk uploaded the promised song. This is how she explained it to her fans:

"I love singing with my daughter and my son. (…) But we have this song called "Cover Me in Sunshine" that we recorded at home because it made us feel happy and so we're going to put it out for no other reason than that we hope that the song makes you feel happy. We thought we'd put it out around Valentine's Day as a big ol' hug and a kiss from us to all ya'll."

P!nk was born Alecia Beth Moore on September 8th, 1979 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Her mother, Judith, was an ER nurse and her father, James, was an insurance salesman. She has one older brother named Jason who is now a Lieutenant Colonel in the military. P!nk trained as a gymnast for eight years it did not choose to pursue it. She began writing music in her teenage years as a way of processing her feelings.

Her parents had had marital problems since P!nk was a teenager and left before she was ten. It seems likely that the song Pretty Happy may have been influenced by this time in her life. This experience may have been mirrored for a time in her relationship with her husband, motocross racer Carey Hart. They met in 2001, separated in 2003 and married in 2006.

They separated in 2008 but got back together when P!nk wrote So What about their relationship. She wanted Carey to give the song his blessing and he agreed to appear in the video. The pair began a reconciliation on the set and they got back together. Willow Sage was born in 2011.

Since then, P!nk has continued her career but spends plenty of time being a mom and it's sweet that she has included Willow in her music. Hopefully, as her son Jameson gets older he'll join in too.

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