Figure Skating Meets Heavy Metal In Breathtaking Olympic Performance

Heavy Metal has never been so elegant! This is team USA ice dancers, Oona & Gage Brown, showcasing their incredible skills on the ice.

The awesome camera work really showcases the talent these two have. The video below was filmed in New York as a 2020 free dance in Bryant’s Park Winter Village ice rink. Oona and Gage Brown are 2019 U.S pewter medalists.

The sibling Olympic dance team comes from a large family consisting of seven children. In 2018 – 2019, they competed as part of team USA and also finished 9th and 8th at their Junior Grand Prix events.

They both started ice skating in 2009 after seeing their older sister begin taking lessons. Inspired by his sibling, Gage started within a year of his older sister when he was just 7 years old. Oona started at 5 years old and for her first year she “clawed her way around the rink refusing any help or to get off”.

The sibling partnership was formed after both Oona and Gage tried their hand at becoming singles performers. They both said that performing as individuals was very nerve-wracking and although performing together at shows is still anxiety-provoking, they both have more confidence whilst performing together.

The ice dancing duo have created a “GoFundMe” account to help support their skating expenses through donations. We have included a link to their account at the bottom of this article in case you would like to donate.

The video was shot in the early morning at 6:45 during the thanksgiving holiday. Other versions of this video have surfaced on the internet with different backing music, however, the power of this classic “Nothing Else Matters” is by far the most emotional version, in our opinion. See below a version with Avicii’s “Seek Bromance”.

If you would like to support these incredible ice dancers go to their GoFundMe page and help them reach their targets.

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