YouTuber Edits Old Movie Stars Dancing To Uptown Funk

Ever wish you could travel back in time to the Golden Age of cinema? Well, we can't exactly help you with that, but the YouTube channel Nerd Fest UK managed to earn themselves a viral hit for the ages… literally, with their inventive use of Bruno Mars' 2015 smash hit single Uptown Funk, as well as some help from some of Hollywood's finest!

By carefully syncing up the beats of Bruno Mars' modern classic with the iconic movements of these 1930's, 1940's, 1950's movie pioneers, Nerd Fest UK have succeeded in bringing the dancing of Fred Astaire, Ginger Roberts, Gene Kelly, and more to a new audience – an audience that has viewed this wonderful video over 66 million times.

A job well done right? We certainly think so anyway! And though the channel Nerd Fest UK doesn't exactly have too many other uploads, and nothing at all in the vein of their take on Uptown Funk – you'll be pleased to know that this style of video is quite prominent these days and there's basically an entire subculture on YouTube that is dedicated to finding the weirdest patterns possible!

Clearly, countless hours were spent hovering over the finest details when it came to getting the video and audio perfectly synced up, but the concept behind this viral hit was actually taken from a similar video that Nerd Fest UK themselves cite.

'What's The Mashup?' were the ones responsible for the first use of Uptown Funk like this – but their video deals with far more modern movies than its Golden Age counterpart. You can check that out below and compare the two.

For all of the crazy and sometimes totally useless things that exist on the internet, every now and then you'll come across something that required a hell of a lot of effort, a lot of finesse, and attention to detail. The final product really does show this – and by the looks of things, a whole lot of people agree with them. Videos like these are what it's all about, folks!

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