Viewers Praise American Idol Contestant Nya’s Bold Song Choice In The Competition’s Latest Sing-Off

Nyachomba Muchai-Kinya – better known by her stage name Nya – looked stunning in a pale blue dress and sparkling eye makeup as she delivered a bold and memorable performance on American Idol a few nights ago. The 28-year-old singer grew up in Florida but moved to New York City before she turned 21, hoping to pursue her dream of making it as a singer. That dream has certainly come true, with Nya now regularly performing in Broadway shows such as the recent ‘Titanique’ and ‘Carolina, or Change’.

Another milestone in Nya’s career must have been her performance on American Idol a few nights ago, when she performed a sassy, enchanting cover of Tyla’s track ‘Water’ to secure her place in the contest after she was placed in the Danger Zone. Her performance was cool, appealing, and seductive, with the video of her cover subsequently racking up over 100,000 views on YouTube in a matter of days.

Nya’s choice of song for the sing-off has since been dubbed bold and unexpected, with the track perhaps not being as anthemic or uplifting as American Idol viewers are used to. Given that the performance prompted the show’s judges to save her from elimination, however, the risk Nya took by performing ‘Water’ clearly paid off, with her charismatic performance and star power appealing to audiences who loved how she was able to put her own stamp on the song.

To date, Nya’s most viewed American Idol performance is her audition, in which she sang an acoustic version of WILLOW’s ‘Wait A Minute!’. The video has since received over a million views, showcasing her incredible singing abilities and her talent for making even difficult vocal parts seem easy to perform. One viewer even went so far as to claim that Nya doesn’t need American Idol, but American Idol needs her, proof that the singer has attracted fans of the show from the very beginning.

Given her extraordinary levels of beauty, charisma, and talent, there are bound to be thousands of American Idol fans who want to see Nya go on to win the competition. Of course, she will also be up against a whole host of other singers who are equally immensely talented, meaning that she will have to continue to prove herself to the show’s judges and audience. She will need to deliver performances like her cover of Tyla’s ‘Water’ and WILLOW’s ‘Wait A Minute!’ if she wants to outshine her competitors.

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