New Zealand Police Spice Up Elevator Ride With Sick Beats In Viral Clip

New Zealand Police officers are usually found walking the streets on their beat, but a viral video proved they know how to make some sick beats in the elevator too. The clip shows two cops walking into an elevator before one tells the other “Boss listen to this!” and busts out a syncopated beat with his hands and feet. The other cop adds a busier pattern on the elevator wall as a counterpoint, before three more officers walk in.

The fun is only getting started at this point, as the other three cops add to the rhythm by clapping or creating improvised percussion with objects in the lift. Things come to a screeching halt when two senior officers walk in and everyone acts nonchalantly, before the two lads who started the whole thing again pick up the beat, then everyone gets in on the act, even the two newcomers. The video went viral in a big way and clocked up 35 million views on the ABC News YouTube channel.

The clip created such a stir that it was reported internationally in the media, with even UK newspapers such as The Guardian and Daily Mail reporting on the story. The video was originally uploaded on a recruitment page for the New Zealand Police before it picked up steam across the web.

The New Zealand Police media department has a knack for getting netizen’s attention, as they’ve also previously gone viral for a clip that shows eight officers doing the running man challenge. In the video, the officers do a cheeky shuffle dance to “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJs, clearly having a lot of fun while doing it.

A number of other police forces across the planet took up the running man challenge, with the Miami Police, Police Scotland and Australian Federal Police also taking a shot at it. There’s some debate about which department did the best dance, but the guy in a massive armoured bomb disposal suit in the Australian Federal Police video definitely wins the fashion award. If you would like to see more from New Zealand Police, you can follow them on Instagram.

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