MOS A Neo Brass Band From Japan

A brilliant feature of any “Got Talent” show is the incredible and out of the ordinary talents that would normally go unheard. Over the years there have been unassuming opera singers, mind bending magicians and regurgitators, on week six of America’s Got Talent, however, four members of a five-piece brass band stole the show with four yeses.

‘MOS’ are a Japanese five-piece brass band that describes themselves as a “neo brass band”, with three saxophone players, one trumpet and a trombone. Four out of the five members graced the stage with a rendition of “Bang Bang” by Jessie J.

The standard set on these shows in recent years is huge, the days where people who “need more work” shall we say is gone and this quartet, like the early release YouTube clip says, is “unlike anything you’ve seen”. Through a translator they said they want to “introduce the wonderful brass instrument culture in Japan to the world.”

The playing itself was extraordinary each note hit was clean, but the standout aspect was the perfect synchronisation between each member. The choreography was on par with a pure dance act and was mesmerising to witness, the term “like a well-oiled machine” is the only way to describe it. Each member took the stage for solo sections, proving the talent of each member. Simon Cowell said, “it was just so unique.”

The performance exuded confidence from start to end, an impressive feat considering this was their first time in the States, and seemingly their first time performing out of Japan. The group was met with a full standing ovation however Cowell was back to his old tricks when he said “it didn’t sound great the whole time” which was met with a chorus of boos from the crowd. That didn’t dampen his view of the band however saying he loved it and gave them their fourth yes.

Howie Mandel said, “you did it in such an original way, I like the costuming, the choreography, your choice of music, I liked it.” Heidi Klum reiterated “it’s fun to see an all-girl group playing instruments girls don’t normally play.”

However, some viewers took to Twitter with theories that the girls were not playing their instruments, the “fake” theories have always plagued the acts on these shows, which could be a compliment for them if no one can believe they are that good. It does only take a quick dive into their music videos and other live performances to dispel these rumours. The group has made waves on social media in Japan by posting their covers online and have collaborated with Japanese artist GANMI. They also describe their music as “Bladan” a fusion of brass and dance. If you want to see more from these talented ladies, subscribe to their YouTube channel for more great videos.

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