Mixed Up Everything Four Brothers With A Passion For Hard Rock

Mixed Up Everything is a Hard Rock band consisting of four brothers: Kevin Dhima, drums, Todd Dhima, lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Blake Dhima, lead guitar, and Koby Dhima, bass and backing vocals. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, they have been interested in the world of music since childhood.

They liked to pretend they were musicians by using pillows and tennis rackets instead of real instruments. It was Kevin, at the age of just three years old, who gave the band its current name. Once they had their first guitars and drum set, they started taking private lessons and practising on covers of old rock and metal songs.

It all started when they opened a YouTube channel. Then in 2012, The Offspring acknowledged their talent and shared the boys’ cover of The Future Is Now via their Facebook and Twitter pages. Mixed Up Everything now has 640K subscribers on their YouTube channel, with a total of almost 91 million views. The most watched video is a cover of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters, performed in the streets of Melbourne. This video itself has nearly 13 million views and has gone viral.

The audience is impressed by the young brothers' talent – Kevin used plastic buckets in reverse instead of drums – and encourages them to persevere, hoping to see them on a real stage soon. Thanks to the money they earned from playing on the streets, the guys managed to save enough to finance a two months tour back in 2015. Their very first concert was held in their primary school, where they played Smoke On The Water, You Give Love A Bad Name, Californication, and many more.

Todd once said he felt extremely nervous, as he was afraid of making a mistake in front of everyone. But now for both his brothers and him, playing live is the most exciting part of being a musician.

Their first self-produced album 'Ex-Nihilo' was released in 2017. Later, in 2019, they launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce their sophomore album 'I Choose', and successfully managed to reach the budget they were aiming for. The record was then released in 2021.

Unfortunately in 2020, they were stranded in Albania due to the pandemic towards the end of a tour that took them around Europe. But they did not let themselves be discouraged and continued to produce content for their YouTube channel and to interact with their fans by organising live performances on Instagram and Facebook, where they have thousands of followers.

Mixed Up Everything are highly ambitious: one day they would like to play sold out concerts in the biggest arenas, bringing their music around the world. They do not exclude the possibility of participating in ‘Australia Decides’, a competition in which the contestants who will represent the country at Eurovision are chosen.

They would be thrilled to bring some rock music to such a popular event. The future looks bright and promising for this young band, and if you want to stay updated and support their music, you can find their albums and merchandise on their website, and follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

If you want to see more from this talented band you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or you can follow them Facebook.

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