Filipina Trio Miss Tres Deliver Spicy “Sex Bomb” On Britain’s Got Talent In Unique Audition

Filipina trio Miss Tres make a splash just by walking onstage on Britain’s Got Talent like it’s a runway in glamorous silver dresses. They tell Simon Cowell that it’s their dream to be like Destiny’s Child or Spice Girls. However, as they say later, they have a little “surprise” for everyone. The music comes on and instead of “Baby One More Time”, it’s Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb”, and Miss Tres sing it in a thunderous baritone.

Miss Tres, who are aged 35-43, really know how to flaunt it onstage and the whole room quickly starts grooving. Judge David Walliams seems particularly enamored with their act, which had the whole room cheering when the vocals kicked off. The girls perform a groovy dance and take turns singing lead vocals, and they’re also experts at harmonizing together. Their sonorous vocals would definitely make Tiger proud as they sing his signature song.

Miss Tres’s one-of-a-kind audition went down a treat with viewers at home, who watched the video a whopping 56 million times. This made the group practically Britain’s Got Talent royalty, putting them among the top 24 most popular acts to ever appear on the show. The crowd in the room loved the show as well, giving a standing ovation to the trio after the audition.

Cowell engaged in a bit of banter with Miss Tres after the song, asking, “Were you hiding a little secret from us at the beginning?” Without missing a beat, one of the group said, “Guess what Simon,” and then dropping her tone a full octave, said “Surprise!” Amanda Holden chimed in next, saying, “The voices were fantastic. You look amazing.” The group has featured in several popular videos, including their appearance on Asia’s Got Talent, which attracted 35 million views.

All four Britain’s Got Talent judges voted yes for Miss Tres. Fans at home also had plenty of good things to say about Miss Tres’s take on “Sex Bomb”, adding comments such as “Nobody talks about how good their voices are” and “Filipino people are great, not only talented, nice, polite and hardworking but also with a great sense of humour! That was awesome!”
Miss Tres has continued to perform since their high-profile talent appearances, and regularly updates fans about their latest activities via the band’s social media accounts.

For a truly unique musical experience, check out the talented Filipina trio, Miss Tres. These ladies have caused a sensation on Britain’s Got Talent with their powerful and surprising performances. With aspirations to be as influential as Destiny’s Child or Spice Girls, their rendition of Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” left everyone cheering and dancing along. Follow them on both Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their exciting musical journey. Whether they’re harmonising together or singing lead vocals, the captivating performances of Miss Tres are not to be missed.

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