80 Year Old Ex Piano Teacher Shows She’s Still Got It With This Awesome Performance

A video of a very talented older lady called Miss Ann Gore has been going viral across social media. The gifted senior citizen was caught on video playing a classic Beethoven piece on the piano.

The viral video was captioned “104 Year Old School Teacher Playing Beethoven”, although we are pretty sure she isn’t in her hundreds, in fact, probably closer to 80 years old. In the video, she seems to enjoy herself whilst she is playing quite a complex performance piece.

Miss Ann Gore was a music teacher at Aynor Elementary and Midland Elementary schools in Horry County, South Carolina. Although she is now retired, her excellent music skills remain intact.

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She is said to be a local community hero around where she lives. With lots of the locals telling great stories about her and the musical passion she loves to share.

If you want more information about this wonderfully talented women, take a look at this article from Echoing Walls.

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