Michael Bublé Pranks Eric Stonestreet In Hilarious Hidden Camera Gag At Grocery Store

Canada’s biggest export, Michael Bublé, pranked Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet with a hidden camera at a grocery store. The traditional pop singer donned a shop boy outfit and Coke bottle glasses for the gag. With Ellen DeGeneres in his earpiece, he set out to surprise Stonestreet during a shopping trip with his wife.

DeGeneres had Bublé ham it up right from the start, telling him to chug a can of sparkling water then to fawn over Stonestreet like a megafan in the Burbank, California store. Stonestreet and his lovely wife took it all in their stride, but once Bublé started beeping out loud as if he was the checkout machine, the actor declared “I smell something awry at my Handy Market” and began looking around for cameras. Check out the prank for yourself below.

The bit got even weirder when Bublé, still in character as the cashier, asked Stonestreet for a hug. The actor was game for that, but at this point his wife burst out laughing and declared, “It’s Michael Bublé.” Ever the class act, Stonestreet had a laugh with the singer and told him, “You’re so amazing, you’re such a talented guy.”

Fans were roaring after watching the section, and added comments below the video like “The best part is that Eric Stonestreet was all ‘ya, I guess Michael Bublé works here’, and didn’t even question it.” and “The woman is so sweet! And Eric’s expression was hilarious.” A few years earlier, Bublé had performed another hidden camera prank with the BBC as an audio-visual salesman, which was a real riot.

You might think Stonestreet’s appearance would be the highlight of the section, but the follow-up sale with a random woman was actually the funniest part of the whole prank. A middle-aged woman came to the register next, and Bublé kept up his beeping act before beginning to eat one of the lady’s bananas.

The woman was a real good sport and let Bublé continue, so DeGeneres upped the ante by having the singer start asking for the lady’s credit card number, mother’s maiden name, and pin code. The customer finally balked at this, but then Bublé talked her into a sparkling water chugging competition. After quite a few belly laughs, Bublé finally revealed the prank. Best of all for the lady, for being such a good sport, she got herself an invite onto The Ellen Show, at which she screamed out loud with joy.

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