Michael Bublé Sings Frank Sinatra Classic With 17-Year-Old Fan In Cheeky Live Segment

Michael Bublé sang Frank Sinatra’s signature hit “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” with a 17-year-old fan in a swinging segment at his show at the Tacoma Dome arena. The segment was quite cheeky with lots of laughs from the audience, but the laughs turned to cheers once teen Ben Fagerstedt began singing the song, as they found out he’s got the golden voice of an old-time crooner.

The video begins with Ben handing Bublé a sign made by his mum, which showed an unflattering picture of Bublé. The star hammed things up for the show as he lamented the unfortunate image, saying “dude, your mum is brutal.” He then sat on the side of the stage, sang the opening line of the song then handed the mic to Ben, whereupon the kid delivered a masterful version of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”. Check out the video below, which has been viewed 1.4 million times on Ben’s channel.

Bublé was clearly impressed by Ben’s selection of the Sinatra classic, as the Canadian star is a well known aficionado of Ol’ Blue Eyes. Ben looks like a fairly typical lanky high schooler, so after he delivered a beautiful, honeyed vocal tone, Bublé was clearly stoked to hear that the kid was going to pull off the song like a pro. The crowd were also very impressed with Ben’s voice, and a huge cheer went up as soon as he started singing.

Bublé clapped along to the song and sang the odd line here and there, but he largely let Ben take the lead on the mic. The teen showed off a sonorous, low register vocal in the verses then really wowed the crowd when he nailed the high notes like a beast as well. Bublé’s love of fan interactions like this is well-known, and he clearly gets a huge kick out of the performance. You can hear Bublé sing the song in full himself in the video below, which is from his live DVD Caught in the Act.

Bublé often incorporates duets with fans at his shows, and music lovers online definitely appreciated it, adding comments such as “Bublé is so humble having teens sing with him at his concerts! They are all so talented” and “Now that’s cool. These are the best kinds of musicians. I’d be floored to sing with his band.”

Bublé has been frank about how much of an influence Sinatra had on his career, telling Cleveland.com that he is “one of the biggest” fans of Ol’ Blue Eyes. Bublé said that he has “a true understanding as a vocalist of how magnificent he was. Basically, God kissed this man’s throat.”
The trad pop star added that he had learned numerous techniques from Sinatra, such as “breath control, singing on vowels. There’s some beautiful sounds that he makes, with the way he drops his epiglottis and moves his mouth.” If you would like to see more from Michael Bublé, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel. You can also visit his official website for more information.

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