Disguised Michael Bublé Shocks Shoppers With His Golden Voice In Store

Michael Bublé shocked shoppers with his golden voice while disguised as South African sales assistant ‘Dion’ in a hilarious bit shot by the BBC. The Canadian pop star hammed up the part as a bumbling salesman on his first day, but when he showed off the karaoke function on the TV to customers, they quickly caught on and gave some memorable reactions.

The first person to get Bubléd was a co-worker, who thought he was helping out the awkward new guy but quickly got a shock when ‘Dion’ started singing. The star-struck co-worker then revealed that he was “watching [Bublé] last night”. Dion is based on Bublé’s friend, who is actually from South Africa, as you can see in the clip below, which has been viewed 6.1 million times.

Bublé leaned into the act by trashing the store’s choice of tunes as elevator music, because it was exclusively Michael Bublé CDs, although luckily for him the next customer was a fan. Bublé then gave the following customer, a young woman, a back massage which normally probably wouldn’t be a great move for a sales assistant. However she quickly caught on and her jaw-dropped when he started singing.

As his smooth, instantly recognizable voice spread throughout the store, Bublé started drawing a crowd of amazed shoppers at this point. The pop and jazz icon showed a great rapport with his fans after the bit was done, warmly hugging them and making time for a casual chat. Bublé is clearly a fan of surprise interactions with fans, as he has quite a few on YouTube, including a great clip of him singing on the NYC subway which you can see below.

In the second clip Bublé sits in with a seven-piece group of acapella singers, who themselves are all remarkable singers. The group performs the star’s song “Who’s Lovin’ You”, with Bublé singing lead. A large crowd very quickly is drawn to the performance, and the group shows amazing chemistry despite the impromptu nature of the performance. If you would like to see more from Michael Bublé, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel. You can also visit his official website for more information.

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