17-Year-Old Mia Morris Wows AGT Judges With Her Original Song

Meet Mia Morris, an exceptionally talented seventeen-year-old who wowed judges on America’s Got Talent. When she finished her audition all four judges voted to put her through which is high praise indeed.

Mia is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. When she appeared in the seventeenth season of the show, she sang an original song and used a looper to make it sound like she was accompanied by a full backing band.

That’s a pretty impressive achievement for a young woman who is still at school. Mia has been making music since she was a child, though, and has had her own YouTube channel since she was eleven. It has given her ample opportunity to work on her music, find her sound, and get used to hearing criticism. The internet is a harsh place, and even Mia’s tender age didn’t stop hurtful comments from coming in sometimes.

Mean remarks do have a silver lining, as Mia has learned to not let the opinion of others get to her or derail her progress. She explains, “You know, we’re all just humans, and everyone has their own opinion. So if you’re content with your performance and who you are, you shouldn’t let anyone else affect that view on yourself.”

Mia needed this attitude in the second round. She chose to perform another original song rather than a cover which would have been a safer choice. Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum gave positive critiques but Simon Cowell seemed less impressed. He admitted he was not a fan of the song itself and he felt Mia’s vocals were a little out of tune. Howie Mendel stated outright that he felt Mia should have chosen to do a cover.

Unfortunately, the lukewarm comments from the judges may have led to fewer votes from the public and she was eliminated. Speaking after the show, Mia said she had no regrets regarding her song choice. As a songwriter, she believes in singing her own compositions and it is simply not in her nature to perform a cover on a huge show like AGT.

Even before the show, Mia’s YouTube channel was popular and she was working as both a studio and touring musician. That’s a lot to fit in as she was still at school. She has played with members of Megadeth, Lindsay Ell and G. Love. Since the show, her audition has gone viral with 9.2 million views in 9 months!

Interest in Mia’s channel has also increased. Although she has a relatively modest 78,000 subscribers, three of her videos have more than a million views and many more have over 200,000. If she has achieved all this by seventeen, how much more will she achieve in the future? It seems only a matter of time before Mia releases her first album, particularly as she already has several original songs with full music videos on her channel.

Why not take a moment to enjoy one of them, called One Thing. It seems safe to say Mia has a big future ahead of her. If you would like to see more from Mia Morris, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram.

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