Merry Christmas From The Music Man 2020

From everyone here at The Music Man, we wish you a very merry Christmas and hope you have a brilliant start to the new year!

As a little Christmas entertainment, we have compiled 3 of the highlights of 2020 and some Christmas themed videos for you to consume along with your festive meals! This has been a weird year for everybody across the world, one which most of us will be happy to see the back of. However, amongst the downs of 2020, there have been some amazing musicians pop up who have helped make 2020 much more tolerable.

1. (Our Christmas Video Of The Year) Felix Simpson – New York Fairytale

This is a brilliant video of a singer-songwriter from Norfolk, UK, performing in Norwich city center. This video showcases the incredible vocal talents of Felix as he provides a Christmasy feel to the streets.

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2. 2020 HIGHLIGHT Fabio Marziali

During the early lockdowns in March/April in Italy, this man became a national and local hero. Fabio decided to take to his balcony to perform some of the most awesome saxophone solos you’ll ever hear. He was a bright light for many through a very difficult period of time.

3. Adrian & Emma-Jean Galliard

2020 has given many people more time to try new things in their life. Father and daughter singing dup Adrian and Emma-Jean Galliard have blossomed into a wonderful act during the last 12 months. Their videos showcasing their beautiful harmonies have been a massive success online.

There have been many more brilliant stories all of which have been reported on this website. Check out the most popular section to see which artists have been capturing the attention of the world recently.

Once again, from everyone here at The Music Man, we wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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