Mélia Rey Turns 3 Judges’ Chairs With First Line Of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” On The Voice Kids

13-year-old Mélia Rey turned three judges’ chairs in record time during her blind audition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” on The Voice Kids France. Three of the four judges turned their chairs before the teen had even finished singing the opening line of Bob Marley’s swansong. French pop star Amel Bent took a little more convincing, but even she turned her chair when Mélia sang the chorus with a whole lot of conviction.

“Redemption Song” is known as one of Marley’s greatest works and it’s a very ambitious choice to audition on, particularly for a 13-year-old. The reggae legend wrote the song as a terminally ill 34-year-old man, so for a schoolgirl to channel that pain and energy in such a convincing way is an incredible achievement. That’s likely why the judges turned their chairs so quickly for Mélia, as they could instantly hear the passion and power in her voice.

Mélia’s audition was a smash hit on YouTube, gaining 25 million views on the platform. This made her audition the fifth most popular performance in the history of The Voice Kids France. Mélia hails from the South American country Guyana and traveled 7,424 km for her appearance on The Voice Kids. The warm welcome she received from the judges after her performance clearly justified the big trip.

Mélia returned to the stage in the semi-finals to perform Stevie Wonder’s “Master Blaster (Jammin’)”. This choice showed how much of a soft spot the teen has for Bob Marley, as Wonder wrote the reggae tune as an ode to Marley. The lyrics make that much clear, as well as the song title, which references the Jamaican star’s 1977 hit “Jamming”.

Mélia appeared on season five of The Voice Kids France. She was born to a family of musicians, with her dad playing bass and her mother singing in a reggae group. Clearly, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree, and her family’s talent for music is running strong through her veins.

After steamrolling her audition, Mélia was coached by French pop star Jenifer. The teen performed Vianney’s “Moi aimer toi” in the battle round, and came out on top against some tough competition in her trio. She next appeared in the semi-finals, where her version of “Master Blaster (Jammin’)” was warmly received, sending her to the finals. Mélia sang Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” in the finals, but Emma managed to edge her out to become the champion of Team Jenifer. For more from the incredibly talented Mélia Rey, follow her on her Facebook page.

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