Melanie Moore And Marko Germar Enchant Viewers With Onstage Kiss

While America’s 2011 series of So You Think You Can Dance was full to the brim with talent, two dancers really stood out to audiences, especially when they danced together. One of these dancers was Melanie Moore, a dancer from Marietta, Georgia. At the time of the competition, she was a 19-year-old student living in NYC. The other dancer was Marko Germar, a partially self-taught dancer who had relocated from Guam to Los Angeles for his dance career.

Melanie and Marko impressed audiences with their solo work during the competition, but when they joined together to duet, sparks flew. One of their duets together was so popular that the online video of the performance received over 1.1M views. In a routine to ‘I Got You’ by Leona Lewis, the dancers told an emotional story of connection. They committed to telling the story not only through dance but through their acting too, even shocking the audience with a kiss as part of the routine.

Audiences were impressed with the dancers’ commitment to the piece, complimenting the pair’s acting. With viewers of the popular online video commenting, “The choreo itself was good, but the way Melanie and Marko performed it, is what made this perfect,” it’s clear that these dancers brought more to the performance than just their impressive technique. While both Melanie and Marko teamed up to duet with other partners during the show, audiences were treated to more duets from the pair too.

One such duet was to the song ‘Turn To Stone’ by Ingrid Michaelson. Whereas their ‘I Got You’ performance was hip-hop lyrical, this time they performed in a contemporary dance style, showcasing their versatility. Telling an emotional story about two stone statues that are freed by the ability to dance, the two were also able to showcase their acting abilities once more. One online viewer was so impressed they commented, “How did this routine not get an Emmy nod?”

Melanie and Marko’s impressive performances throughout the competition took them all the way to the final. Marko came in third place, just behind fellow dancer Sasha Mallory, while Melanie took the top spot, coming in first place. Not only did they prove their prowess in So You Think You Can Dance, but they have both gone on to have impressive professional careers too.

Melanie Moore is now a multi-time Broadway performer, appearing in shows such as Finding Neverland, Fiddler On The Roof and Hello Dolly!. Marko Germar has crafted a successful commercial career, appearing on Disney Channel, Glee, and Shake It Up. While both have gone on to make their mark in the professional industries, there will be many fans who fondly remember their duets on So You Think You Can Dance above all else.

If you want to catch more of Marko Germar’s captivating performances, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram. The partially self-taught dancer has continued to impress audiences with his commitment and prowess in dance.

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