Megan Davies A Tremendously Talented Singer-Songwriter

Meet Megan Davies, a tremendously talented singer-songwriter whose YouTube channel currently has 1.52 million subscribers. One of her most popular videos features a mash-up of the songs See You Again (Wiz Khalifa featuring Charlie Puth), Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding), and Sugar (Maroon 5).

The video does not just feature Megan but also her sister Jaclyn and their friend Natasha. The video begins with a kaleidoscope pattern as the songs are introduced. It’s a perfect representation of the mash-up we’re about to see, different elements, constantly changing but always beautiful.

Once the girls start to sing, though, all attention is focused on them. Their voices are beautiful and distinctive, but they blend together so perfectly it’s like they were born to be a trio.

Jaclyn starts singing Love Me Like You Do beautifully, her slightly soulful voice adding a different sound to Ellie Goulding’s version. Megan is playing the guitar and is clearly a very talented musician as well as a singer. As Jaclyn reaches the first verse, Natasha drops in a few lines from Sugar.

It’s amazing how perfectly it fits; if you weren’t familiar with the songs, you might not even notice. The song continues with Megan and Jaclyn creating beautiful harmonies singing Love Me Like You Do while Natasha drops in more of Sugar. The girls’ voices are simply stunning together, and it’s a shame that their collaboration is an occasional treat. As Love Me Like You Do ends, they move seamlessly into See you again while Natasha continues with Sugar.

At certain points, all three girls sing the same thing, and their harmonies take the performance to another level.

It’s a performance you really have to see and hear to believe, so if you’ve never seen it, be sure to watch it now. You’re sure to love it, as the 79 million people who have already watched it do. The video has 1.2 million likes and tons of positive comments. One person exclaimed:

“Amazing! Phew i heard this yrs ago and saved it – im so glad I happened to stumble my way thru some of my saved videos and found it again. You guys are pure harmony and joy to listen to!!”

If this one mash-up isn’t enough for you, there’s another video of the trio performing together. This time it’s a mash-up of Love Yourself (Justin Bieber), Out Of The Woods (Taylor Swift) and Roses (The Chainsmokers). It’s pure gold.

As this video is posted to Megan’s channel, we should find out a bit more about her. Megan was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on July 11th, 1990. She studied classical guitar and songwriting at Belmont University and recorded two EPs during her time there. She started her YouTube channel in 2008, and 30 of her videos have more than a million views.

Her sister Jaclyn was born in 1994 and is a regular contributor on Megan’s channel. Although Megan initially focussed on covers, her passion has always been original music. She has released EPs and an album of her songs, and her Spotify channel boasts 711,000 listens per month. It seems Megan has a big future ahead of her.

If you would like to see more from Megan Davies, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Facebook.

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