Controversy As MB14 Stuns On Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent is no stranger to controversy, and the latest season has sparked a ‘fix’ row following Ant and Dec’s golden buzzer choice. The presenting duo bestowed their prestigious golden buzzer upon MB14, a gifted musician whose captivating loop pedal performance left the judges spellbound.

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However, some viewers cried foul after discovering that MB14, also known as Mohamed, had previously been a runner-up on The Voice France and had a record deal. MB14’s performance on the show started on a lighthearted note, with the judges jokingly asking how he had arrived in Britain, to which he humorously replied that he took the Eurostar from France. He then proceeded to showcase his extraordinary talent by creating a captivating song solely using his voice and a loop pedal. Check it out below.

The performance gradually built up, leaving everyone in awe as it transformed into a complete track. The judges were impressed, dancing along and giving Mohamed a standing ovation. As the performance reached its climax, Ant and Dec hurriedly made their way from the stage’s edge to the judges’ table, where they unitedly activated the golden buzzer.

Bruno Tonioli expressed being “hypnotised” by the performance, and Alesha Dixon remarked that no one like MB14 had ever been on the show before. Viewers took to social media to voice their discontent, accusing the show of being a “fix” due to MB14’s previous success. It was revealed that Mohamed had participated in The Voice France in 2016, finishing as the runner-up and signing a record deal with Polydor, which he later left. Additionally, he had garnered an impressive following of 35,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and had contributed his talent to the renowned beatboxing collective, Berywam.

This controversy sparked discussions about whether Britain’s Got Talent should allow individuals with previous fame or success to participate. While the show has a history of propelling ordinary people to stardom, such as Diversity, Paul Potts, and Susan Boyle, the presence of already “famous” contestants raises questions among some fans. Ant and Dec’s golden buzzer privilege has always been a special moment on the show. Every judge, including the hosts, possesses the authority to propel a single act directly into the live shows. However, this season’s choice garnered criticism as viewers felt that MB14’s existing fame should have disqualified him from receiving the golden buzzer.

MB14’s extraordinary vocal talents and his adept use of the BOSS loop pedal have gained him recognition beyond his appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. He showcased his skills as a beatboxer and loop artist in the 2017 Grand Beatbox Championships, competing against SARO. The French beatboxing crew Berywam, of which MB14 was previously a member, won the French Beatboxing Championships in 2016 and released an album in June 2017.

The controversy surrounding Ant and Dec’s golden buzzer choice has undoubtedly added another layer of intrigue to this season of Britain’s Got Talent. While opinions remain divided, the undeniable talent of MB14 and his unique loop pedal performances continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

The RC-505 is a loop “pedal” made for your hands. It’s been used many creative ways since it’s release and has given a lot to the beatboxing community.

Beatbox artists such as MB14 and Saro have become the first musicians to master the BOSS hardware and they went head to head in the beatboxing championships which you can see in the video below.

MB14 used to be part of a French beatboxing crew called “Berywam” based in Toulouse. The crew won the French Beatboxing Championships in 2016 and went on the release an album in June, 2017.

MB14 has become well known for his vocal instrument impressions and impressive looping skills. He became famous in France after entering and reaching the finals of the French TV show “The Voice: la plus belle voix” in 2016. He has continued his career by becoming a judge in the loop station category of the Grand Beatbox Battle in Warsaw, Poland.

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