Matt Terry Proves He’s A Star With Ben E. King Cover On 2016’s Edition Of The X Factor

For many people who enter talent competitions such as The X Factor, there is typically an influence or a motivation to pursue their dreams outside of typical inspiration. For Matt Terry, a 23-year-old from Bromley, heartbreak was his motivation for competing on the 2020 edition of the popular talent show. Despite his pain, he offered a blistering performance that would shock the judges and, eventually, the nation.

The four judges – Simon Cowell, Nicole Scherzinger, Louis Walsh, and Sharon Osbourne – were quick to empathize with Matt due to his backstory, which will be revealed, but they were not ready for his incredible voice. During his audition, he performed an acoustic and unique version of Ben E. King’s timeless love classic, “Stand By Me”. Watch his spellbinding performance in the video below:

Before he begins his audition, Nicole says jokingly: “I hope you don’t suck because I like you so much already”, demonstrating his warm and honest character. When Matt Terry begins to sing, it’s immediately clear that he has a natural-born talent. What is most notable about his voice is that he has impeccable range, and can switch between vocal styles with apparent ease.

Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” has been a song of choice for lovers all around the world dedicating poetic verses to their special someone. With Matt’s audition, he reignites this classic and gives it his edge with his immense ability to control his vocal range, and hit some of the highest notes the competition has ever seen. Compare his performance to Ben E. King’s original in the video below:

Before his audition, we learn a little more about Matt Terry and his motivations for going onto The X Factor. He was in a three-year relationship that ended and took a toll on his emotions and led him to move away from the town he was living in to heal. He explains that he was dumped two days before his birthday, and despite his struggles, his family is right there beside him, including his loving grandmother.

One thing that has stood beside Matt all his life has been his singing, which he has slowly honed over the years until he eventually decided to pursue his dreams on The X Factor. His uncanny vocal range at such a young age is a true talent that should be shared with the world and overall is a rare treat in such a competitive industry.

Not only did Matt Terry wow the judges in The X Factor’s auditions, but he blasted through all of the stages of the competition and was eventually crowned the winner. As a result, he earned a record deal with a label, which led to the release of his debut album Trouble in 2017. After his debut, he made his acting debut in a UK run of Madagascar: The Musical, in which he took part in 2018 and 2019. He would not release any new music until October 2023: a single titled “You Don’t Know Nothing.” If you would like to see more from Matt Terry, you can follow him on Instagram.

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