Painter Matt Cardle Wins X Factor Judges’ Approval With His Rendition Of This Amy Winehouse Classic

The 27-year-old painter, Matt Cardle, auditioned for the X Factor in 2011, saying that he hated every minute of his job and he wanted to see what he was capable of as a singer. Raised in Essex, Cardle went on to win the seventh series of the competition, and since then, he has achieved numerous top 10 singles and albums in the UK. Cardle’s X Factor journey, however, began on that day back in 2011, when he performed the classic Amy Winehouse track ‘You Know I’m No Good’, originally released in 2006.

Cardle was obviously very nervous going into the audition, folding his arms, messing with his cap, and tapping his feet as he answered the judges’ questions. “I’m here to do my level best,” he replied when judge Louis Walsh asked him why he had chosen to take part in the competition. He certainly did that, launching into an impressive rendition of the Winehouse track. His voice was high but soulful and heartfelt, and he clearly had the audience’s support from the moment he began singing.

The judges, meanwhile, looked a little unsure to start with, but gradually began smiling as he got into his stride. When Simon Cowell held up his hand to signal for Cardle to stop singing, the crowd clapped and cheered wildly, and from the happy looks on the judges’ faces, it was clear that the performance had met with their approval. While acknowledging that he was a little awkward on stage, it was a resounding ‘yes’ from all three judges, meaning Cardle had made it through to the next round.

After winning the competition, Cardle found nationwide fame, entering the UK charts at number one with his debut single ‘When We Collide’, and going on to work with big names in the music industry including Gary Barlow. Another notable moment from his career is his 2013 single ‘Loving You’, which was a collaboration with ex-Spice Girl Mel C. The track had a bold pop feel but was also distinctive in the sincere, expressive delivery of its two vocalists, and has really stood the test of time.

Although he won X Factor nearly fifteen years ago, Cardle is still working in the industry as a singer-songwriter and continues to release music, with his most recent album ‘Time To Be Alive’ making the UK top 30. As such, it’s fascinating to go back and watch this audition from all those years ago, when Cardle was just a painter with a dream who wanted to push himself and find out what he was really capable of.

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