Little Girl Sings Al-Adiyat From The Quran Like An Angel

A video of a little girl singing the Al-Adiyat verse from the Quran like an angel went viral, with the cute video racking up a whopping 22 million views in a few short months since its upload in February 2023. The video by YouTuber Maria Ulfah Elkamiel shows the girl, who appears to be about five years old, singing the verse acapella.

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For some extra entertainment value Maria Ulfah Elkamiel added in clips of a Britain’s Got Talent, with shots of shocked judges and emotional audience members reacting to the performance. The video was an instant viral hit, with viewers writing 16,500 comments and counting. You can see the performance below.

Many viewers praised the talent shown by the little girl, with comments like “This baby has a heavenly voice! So sweet and pure!” and “Voice of an angel. Her parents must be very proud… beautiful.” Viewers also praised the religious message behind the song, which is taken from the 100th chapter of the Islamic holy book the Quran.

Maria Ulfah Elkamiel’s channel has many videos with songs from Islamic scripture, which are often edited to appear as if they are being performed on idol TV shows. The channel has many fans and currently has 1.2 million subscribers. The second most popular video on the channel, which you can see below, shows the girl singing Al-Muzzammil from the Quran and has 19 million views.

Maria Ulfah Elkamiel is based in Indonesia and her channel is dedicated to showcasing her and her daughter’s singing, through a variety of long-form videos as well as shorts. It attracts music fans as well as people who want to celebrate the message of the Quran that is featured in many of the videos. The most popular video on Maria Ulfah Elkamiel’s channel remains the Al-Adiyat video.

Al-Adiyat is the 100th chapter of the Qur’an and can be translated as The War Horses Which Run Swiftly. The chapter is believed to be one of the earlier revelations of the prophet Muhammad, having originated during his time in Mecca before his move to Medina. The 11 verses of the chapter are about the importance of being grateful to God, and provides an example of horses being dutiful and grateful to their master to reinforce the message.

Al-Muzzammil, which is featured in the second most popular video, is from the 73rd chapter of the Quran. It features 20 verses, which recounts the story of God preparing the prophet Muhammad for an important revelation, before recounting a story of the punishment of a Pharaoh to reinforce the importance of piety.

The video showing the Al-Muzzammil performance attracted more than 5100 comments, many of which commented on the “beautiful” and “very cute” voice of the young girl performing. Many others also gave praise to God and the power of the Quran. The beauty of the performance also touched viewers from outside the faith, with one Hindu viewer saying she loves the girl’s performance and voice even though she did not understand the meaning of the song. If you would like to see more from Maria Ulfah Elkamiel, you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or follow them on Instagram.

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