Liv Turns “Let It Be” Into Alvin And The Chipmunks On The Voice France

French singer Liv performed a hilarious version of The Beatles “Let It Be” on The Voice France, singing half of it like Alvin and the Chipmunks. During her audition the young singer alternated between a husky R&B voice and a high pitched squeak similar to a sped up recording.

Liv appears to be singing both voices live, without the use of a recording to produce the high pitched sections, which is quite an impressive achievement. The stunning singer also delivered the main lines in a sultry, captivating way. She quickly got the audience onside, who clapped along with The Beatles classic, as you can hear in the clip below.

The video went viral online, gaining a whopping 35 million views on YouTube, with plenty of appreciative fans in the comments. The judges however, were not impressed and none out of the four turned their chairs. They were clearly amused by Liv’s performance, but nonetheless determined that it wasn’t enough to earn her a spot on the show.

Fans online went in to bat for Liv, adding comments such as “I loved the way she sang it! This shows off her talent, seriously!” and “Beyond brilliant. How did she not get a turn? She did not miss a note. Her tone in regular voice is gorgeous – I’m astonished it did not resonate. The girl has a great energy.” Check out the original The Beatles recording of “Let It Be” in the video below to see how Liv stacks up.

“Let It Be” was originally sung by The Beatles bassist Paul McCartney, who wrote it following a dream about his late mother. The piano-led tune, which was originally released in 1970, has become one of The Beatles’ most loved songs over the years. It’s currently the third most streamed Beatles song on Spotify, with 600 million streams.

“Let It Be” is also a common choice for contestants The Voice and other talent shows, with the song appearing multiple times on The Voice France, as well as on The Voice in Australia, Germany, UK and America’s Got Talent.

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