Lionel Richie Delivers Knockout Performance Of “Stuck On You” At Viña Del Mar International Song Festival

In 2016, the audience of the Viña Del Mar International Song Festival was in for a real treat when they watched Lionel Richie perform “Stuck On You” in one of his best performances. From the video, it’s hard to tell who’s enjoying the concert more: the fans, or Lionel Richie himself! His humble nature and dedicated professionalism to music are a big part of what has earned Lionel Richie a tremendous amount of respect in the music world since he first hit the scene in the 1970s.

“Stuck On You” is all about Lionel Richie discovering that the woman he has been looking for has been right in front of him all along, and that the love he has for her is immeasurable. It’s a beautiful love song that is clearly a favorite of the Viña Del Mar International Song Festival, which sways and embraces the loving atmosphere of the song. Watch the clip for yourself in the video below:

Before he plays “Stuck On You”, Lionel Richie takes a moment to address the audience and praise them for their dedication to his set. He acknowledges that people must be able to sing in English, whilst also clearly being humbled by the audience’s love for his music. He then receives a glass of what appears to be wine, raises it in respect, and tries it, before promptly coughing afterwards! Maybe this particular drink wasn’t quite to Richie’s taste.

Rising to fame in the 1970s, Lionel Richie quickly became one of America’s biggest stars and has continued to be heavily involved in the music business ever since. Alongside his successful music career, he has also had his fair share of television opportunities, hosting shows and appearing on talent shows such as ABC’s American Idol. He is perhaps best known for his iconic love song “Hello”, which catapulted him to superstar status when it was released in 1984. Listen here:

The Viña del Mar International Song Festival is an international music festival that is held annually in Chile. It has become known for its extensive and varied artists who perform there, while also being one of the longest-running festivals in the world.

Formed in 1960, this 15,000-capacity festival is a rather intimate, yet also exhilarating, celebration of some of the world’s biggest and best musical artists.

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