Adorable 3-Year-Old Dancer Liang Liang Has Some Serious Moves!

Adorable 3-year-old dancer Liang Liang conquered the hearts of everyone in the room when he showed off his dance floor moves on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The tyke, who is known as China’s ‘King of Rhythm’, was remarkably fleet on his feet and showed off his ability to shuffle with the best of ‘em to an upbeat EDM track.

Videos of little Liang Liang went viral and one of his dance clips has been viewed more than 60 million times on Facebook. On Ellen’s show he first showed off a magic trick then displayed his English skills, which were really quite impressive. Liang Liang clearly loves talking to the crowd and wasn’t shy at all – some people are just born to be entertainers. Check out his appearance on the show below. If you want to skip the interview and watch him dancing, scroll down to the next video.

Liang Liang was a huge hit and the audience really gave it up for him, and seeing his joy in performing really brings a smile to your face. He’s already gained quite a bit of practice as his talent for dancing was noticed by his parents when he was just one year old. His 33-year-old mother Wu Shanshan told the MailOnline that “when he held onto the sofa and stood up, he would twist his body according to the rhythm of the music. He started learning to dance by following videos when he was two.”

Liang Liang’s real name is Zhou Yifan and he was born in Linyi, a city in Shandong Province in eastern China. His talent as an entertainer was noticed when his parents took him to a square to watch locals dancing. His mother said that “when he saw the others dance, he began to mimic their movements. And when people saw him dancing so seriously and well, they told him to stand at the front of the group.” You can watch Liang Liang’s street dancing in China in the video below.

Mrs Wu said Liang Liang’s street dancing soon became a local sensation, noting that “There were normally a lot of people. Sometimes the crowd was so big it would clog up the dance floor; other times [we] needed to help maintain the order of the street.” His star began rising after his street dance moves were posted online and quickly went viral. This is where DeGeneres caught wind of the young dancer and invited him to appear on her show, which Mrs Wu described as “one in a lifetime experience.”

Mrs Wu has continued to update fans on the Chinese video platform Kuaishou with Liang Liang’s dance moves, saying “Because so many people like Liang Liang and care about him, I feel that Liang Liang not only belongs to my husband and me, many people are also witnessing his growth.” However, his mother currently has no plans to send the dance prodigy on a trajectory to be an entertainer, saying that she hopes that he will become a child “who loves studying.”

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