15-Year-Old Shocks The Voice Australia Judges With His Soulful Voice And Saxophone Playing

The Australian edition of The Voice has been full of talented contestants these last few years, many of whom only made it partway through the competition because their competitors were so strong. One such contestant was Lexi X, a fifteen-year-old singer and saxophonist from Brisbane who took part in the show’s 12th season. Despite her obvious talent, Lexi only made it to the Battles round, but her blind audition has since been watched by over a million people, and really is something to behold.

Levi auditioned with The White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’, lending his own soulful touch to the track through his expressive vocals and accomplished saxophone playing. As soon as he began to sing, it was obvious that all four of the show’s judges were impressed, with Jessica Mauboy closing her eyes and listening intently, and Jason Derulo nodding his head in time to the beat. It was Rita Ora, though, who was clearly the most enthusiastic about Levi’s performance, dancing in her chair as he sang.

It was no surprise, then, that Rita was the first judge to press her button, enabling her to turn her chair around and see what Levi looked like. When she saw how young he was, her jaw dropped wide open, prompting fellow judge Jason to also press his button in the hope of being able to recruit Levi to his team. Partially on account of her obvious enthusiasm for his vocal style, Levi subsequently chose to be on Rita’s team, joining various other contestants including future winner Tarryn Stokes.

Another act in season 12 of The Voice Australia that Rita loved was the five-piece boyband Overnight, who performed their version of the Backstreet Boys’ hit, ‘Larger than Life,’ for their blind audition. In fact, Rita loved them so much that she pressed her button just seconds after the group had started performing, dancing in celebration when she saw what they looked like. In the end, Overnight got all four judges to turn their chairs around and eventually chose to be on Judge Guy Sebastian’s team.

For many regular viewers of The Voice, the blind auditions are the most exciting part of the competition. Seeing the judges’ reactions to what the singer looks like when they turn their chairs around is always great fun to watch, and has resulted in some of the best moments on the show. As in the case of Levi X and Overnight, however, (the latter of whom were eliminated in the Callbacks round), sometimes even incredibly talented singers who prompt some of the best reactions from the judges during the blind auditions don’t make it through to the final rounds, simply because the competition is so strong. Still, it makes for a highly entertaining television program, and one that will no doubt continue to feature on screens around the world for many years to come.

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