Lewis Capaldi & Alicia Keys Elevate “Someone You Loved” With Stunning Live Duet

Lewis Capaldi is one of the finest vocalists to break out in recent years, but there’s always a way to level up, and he found it by singing a stunning duet with Alicia Keys on his megahit “Someone You Loved”. Keys invited the Scottish star to join her set at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, where he provided the lead vocal and sang like a bird. Keys played the stately piano part for the song and sang backup, as well as taking the lead vocal at the tail end of the song.

Keys played beautifully on the piano, and her backup vocals tastefully supported Capaldi’s lead vocals. It was also a real treat to hear her sing the bridge and the following chorus, as hearing her add her R&B vibe made for an interesting twist on the song. After Keys’ chorus, the two stars sang together on the final chorus, and hearing them together was simply gorgeous.

Keys introduced the song by saying, “Imma flip it tonight. I wanna bring my friend Lewis Capaldi out to sing with us tonight.” After sharing a hug with Capaldi at the end of the performance, she made it clear she was a big fan of his, enthusiastically declaring, “That’s my song right there!”

Fans online loved to see the duo singing together onstage, adding comments such as “Such musical chemistry. Loved this duet combined with her piano skills. I would love to see another duet between them” as well as a few cheeky comments such as “The fact he’s dressed like he’s popping out for a pint of milk makes this even better.” In 2020, a year after the iHeartRadio Music Festival performance, Keys sang “Someone You Love” again, this time at the Grammy Awards.

While Capaldi was in attendance at the Grammy Awards, Keys performed solo at the event while accompanying herself on piano. When she opened the song she asked Capaldi “Hey Lewis, is it cool that I’m using your song right now? Is that alright?” Capaldi gave her a smile and two thumbs up and then Keys continued.

Keys’ version of the song was probably not what the audience expected though, as she completely re-wrote the lyrics in a comedic style that referenced the Grammy Awards and the stars at the event, as well as other events that happened in 2020. She changed tact in the second half of the song to give a more uplifting message and ended the song on the lyric “music is love”, to cheers from the audience.

“Someone You Loved” was Capaldi’s breakout hit in 2018, and was his first UK number one. The song was a worldwide sensation, going to number one in numerous countries, including the US. “Someone You Loved” has been the gift that just kept on giving for Capaldi as the song is still the third most played track on all of Spotify, with 3.2 billion streams clocked.

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