School Students Perform An Inspirational Haka During Leavers Assembly

This school really know how to send off their year 13s in to the world. In 2019 Bethlehem College’s year 12 students performed a Haka to say farewell the year 13 leavers with the haka “Tika tonu” which is about challenge, struggle, perseverance and achievement. Then the year 13 leavers respond with the school haka “Tū hikitia rā”.

Haka’s are used for all different celebrations and occasions in New Zealand. The haka originally created in New Zealand and is a core tradition for the Maori people. It can be used as a farewell performance, a wedding celebration or even as a funeral ritual.

Witness the beautiful and powerful moment when students say goodbye to their teacher in true Maori style, with a Haka! Dawson Tahana Tamatea was a teacher at Palmerston North Boy’s High School in New Zealand. Unfortunately, he passed away in his sleep recently despite being just 55 years old. Sadly, he leaves behind his wife and their three children, as well as hundreds of surrogate sons in all his students.

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