Lascel Wood Sings Gorgeous “Use Somebody” In Front Of Proud Mum In Emotional Audition

You’ve heard Kings of Leon’s megahit “Use Somebody”, but never quite like this! Brighton singer Lascel Wood gave an emotional audition on The X Factor UK, changing the rock hit into an intimate R&B ballad. The audition was extra special for Lascel, as he got to perform in front of his proud mother for the first time that night.

Lascel has a sweet personality and told the judges his story about growing up in foster care. He also had the goods as a singer, showing off a lithe voice that really told the story of the song. Lascel’s mum watched from the side of the stage, crying from the first note, and she definitely wasn’t the only one in the room who shed a tear. The young man can really sing and finished off the song with a triumphant sky-high vocal run that had the entire room on their feet and applauding.

The judges invited Lascel’s mother onstage after his audition. She said how proud she was of her son and they shared a hug, causing judge Kelly Rowland to tear up as well. Lascel’s audition was a hit on YouTube, attracting 7.4 million views, making it one of the most popular performances of “Use Somebody” on the platform, drawing in more views than even Kings of Leon’s own live performances of the song.

Judge Tulisa commented first, saying it was an “absolutely outstanding performance”. Rowland said that she was very emotional after the audition, saying, “I’m so proud of you to come here today and do such a wonderful job on this audition. Just the relationship you have with your mother is so beautiful.” She added that it was special to see such a “hungry, excited and passionate” young performer on the stage. Later in the series, Lascel sang Florence & The Machine’s “You’ve Got the Love”.

Gary Barlow had plenty of praise for Lascel, saying, “That was absolutely stunning. For me, more so than the beautiful singing, the great pitch, the great timing, more important is that I believed every single word that you sang to us.”
Fans at home also loved Lascel’s genuine performance, adding comments on YouTube such as, “If you can touch someone’s soul by your voice, that’s a special gift” and “This is the best rendition of this song. The way he had people in the audience crying lets you know he sang this from the heart.”

To hear more of Lascel Wood’s deeply moving performances, follow him on his YouTube Channel and Instagram to keep up with his latest music updates. His unique blend of emotional storytelling and powerful vocal range made his version of Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” a hit, so don’t miss out on future standout performances.

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