Larissa Liveir A Young Charming Guitarist From Brazil

Larissa Liveir is a young charming guitarist who stole everyone’s heart on the internet thanks to her skills and personality. She was born in a small town near Rio De Janeiro in 2002 and has always been fascinated by music and the sound of the guitar.

Her recent cover of Time by Pink Floyd has reached 2.6 million views on YouTube, and the response from her subscribers is absolutely fantastic. Many people have applauded her interpretation of the iconic song and her astonishing skills – given her young age. Because her following ranges across all ages, Larissa brings her younger followers to know and appreciate the greatest classics of rock and metal music.

Larissa considers herself pleased with the content she produces and says it is brilliant to see how people genuinely appreciate the results of her hard work. In the end it just does not matter if the audience is big or small. At the age of only eight, she asked her parents to buy her an acoustic guitar to start practising. And she has never stopped playing ever since. According to Larissa, passion and dedication are essential if you want to make it in the music industry.

When she was seventeen, she began practising with the electric guitar, and in 2020, during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, she decided to open a YouTube channel. Larissa posted her first video in October that year, and quickly gained a massive following. Today she has 817K subscribers on YouTube with a total of almost 70 million views, 598K followers on Instagram, and fans supporting her music through her Patreon account. Her acoustic version of The Police’s “Every Breath You Take” is nothing short of genius.

But these astonishing numbers require a certain amount of work and commitment. In order to keep the quality of the videos up to her audience’s expectations, Larissa spends hours checking comments on her different social media platforms, and tries to keep up with as many requests as possible. Being a perfectionist, she spends days working on a single video between planning, filming and editing. However, this attention to detail is the key to her success.

However, Larissa also receives some negative comments from people who claim that she is only being successful because she is a good looking woman. Her talent is clearly obvious, as well as her passion for music, and the effort she puts into creating her content. The guitarist does not let this negativity bring her down and seems to be quite confident in her abilities.

A while back she mentioned that she would like studying music to improve her skills and learn new techniques. At the time, she was pursuing studies unrelated to music, and would have liked to leave them to follow her dreams.

Larissa hopes to become a good composer and write her own songs. She has been composing some riffs and writing poems that can be adapted into lyrics, but thinks she still needs to practise a lot before producing original content. She would also like to join a band one day. Everyone is looking forward to it.

Larissa Liveir is a great source of inspiration for young people who do not know whether to approach music or not, and we are sure that this promising young musician will make it and prove to the world how talented she is. If you want to see more from this talented guitarist you can subscribe to her YouTube channel or follow her on Intagram. If you want to help support her music career and get exclusive content become a fan on Patreon.

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