The Langston University Band Is Absolutely Popping In Viral Homecoming Performance

The Langston University Marching Pride Band truly knows how to put on a show, as seen in a riotous homecoming performance that went viral on YouTube. The Langston University 2023 homecoming was a tremendous amount of fun, with everything from cheerleaders, dances from the band themselves, and a hilarious dance from the boys.

The parade started with a tight and groovy drumline and a lighthearted dance from band members. Things got spicier as two rounds of cheerleaders joined the fun. The second group made a big entrance in golden one-piece outfits, each performing athletic leg kicks.

Soon after the cheerleaders, it was time for the crowd favorite to shine. A group of ten men appeared and performed a wild synchronized dance, as if they were tearing up the dance floor. The enthusiastic performance from the boys elicited big cheers from the crowd as the grooving drumline continued laying down the good stuff.

A large group of women soon appeared next and did a sassy dance for the crowd, followed by another group of women who did a synchronized dance with a vibe as though they were in the club. The parade featured current students as well as many alumni, and seeing so many come back for it really highlighted how tight the community is. Another homecoming act that was a big hit on YouTube was the Alcorn State University Sounds Of Dyn-O-mite Band, who teamed up with the Golden Girls for a rollicking parade.

There was another highlight in the Langston University video just after the 13-minute mark, when the female dancer leading the group on the left lost her shoe and just kept dancing without missing a beat! The show must go on, folks.

Netizens really loved the vibe of the Langston University homecoming, and added positive comments such as “Giving props to their amazing drumline” and “I am blown away by how many alumni are happily participating! This is outstanding! Homecomings like this are just so fun to watch. You can feel the camaraderie as well as see it.”

If you enjoyed the energetic performance of Langston University Marching Pride Band, certainly follow their journey through their official website and keep up with their latest updates on Instagram.

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