This Acoustic Performance Of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” Is Simply Breathtaking

The musical duo Music Travel Love consists of identical twins Bob and Clint Moffatt. Their musical journey, however, has been a long, exciting journey to get to this point.

So, let us introduce you to this fantastic musical duo, take a look at their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”. It’s a simply beautiful rendition with breathtaking visuals and harmonies, watch below.

So, let’s return to the very beginning.

At the age of 6, Bob and Clint, along with their fraternal triplet Dave and older brother Scott, formed the band The Moffatts. Created in 1990, they started out as a country band in their early childhood.

The Moffatts were the youngest band ever to score a record deal, signing with Polydor Records in Nashville when the oldest was 12 and the other three were 11 years old. One of their most popular YouTube videos is their cover beautiful acoustic version of Bill Wither’s classic “Stand by Me”.

Over the span of their career, The Moffatts recorded 7 albums, including the release of ‘It’s A Wonderful World’ (1995), their pop album ‘Chapter I: New Beginning’ (1998), and their final album ‘Submodalities’ (2000). They still hold album sales records for an international group in countries like Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, partaking in some of the music industry’s first-ever experiences, including the first outdoor concert in Vietnam and one of the first paid concerts in China. They also have Gold and Platinum records in 32 countries across the world!

The band split in 2001, and very little was heard of them until 11 years later when the band reunited for a one-off show called ‘Home For Christmas.’ In 2017, Scott, Bob, and Clint did a promotional show called ‘The Moffatts Farewell Tour.’ Although Dave was unable to make it for the first half, he rejoined them for the second half in 2018.

For Bob and Clint, The Moffatts was not the end of their musical journey. Just 5 years after the band split, Bob and Clint moved back to Nashville and refound their love for songwriting. In 2010, they were signed at Wrensong/Reynsong Publishing and have continued to write there for the past 9 years. During this time, they have written songs for their duo, Endless Summer, as well as their work appearing on other artists’ tracks, including Jimmy Rankin.

Endless Summer released a number of singles and in 2018, they started their own travelling series called Music Travel Love. From this, they realised how perfect the name was to encapture the duo’s spirit. With their passion for music and travelling the world, as well as their love for the people around them, Endless Summer was renamed Music Travel Love.

Bob and Clint have packed up their belongings and are now travelling around the world, visiting numerous breathtaking destinations and sharing their music with those who encounter them. Not only are they reaching the natives of that particular destination, but they have also shared their videos online on their social media and YouTube. You can also stream their songs on all platforms.

Music Travel Love covers ‘When You Say Nothing At All’, originally a country song sung by Alison Krauss, Keith Whitley, and Ronan Keating, and written by Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz.

The duo stands on the bridge of their chosen location, with microphones set up in front of them and guitars in their hands. They sing a beautiful, soothing cover of the song, and often look towards each other, showing the bond that the pair have, in music, travel, and love. If you want to see more from these talented musicians you can subscribe to their YouTube channel or you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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