This Beautiful Acappella Cover Of Ave Maria Will Instantly Give You Goosebumps

Vocal quartet Kings Return have been charming listeners with their soul-stirring, angelic harmonies since 2016 when the group was conceived in Dallas, Texas. Since then, they have been nominated for a Grammy award, released multiple viral performance videos, and put out two critically acclaimed albums, ‘We Four Kings’ and ‘Rove’. One of their most renowned performances up until now, however, has to be their rendition of ‘Ave Maria’, which was uploaded to YouTube in 2021 and has since reached over 3 million people.

The video begins by showing the group standing in a stairwell, chatting amongst themselves. Dressed casually in hoodies, jeans, and caps, they certainly don’t look as though they are about to deliver an angelic, harmony-rich vocal recital of ‘Ave Maria’ – but that’s exactly what happens, with some viewers calling the subsequent performance the most beautiful version of the song that they have ever heard. “It is for times like this that I’m grateful for the internet,” said one overawed viewer.

The group’s four members – Gabe, Vaughan, J.E. and Jamall – start off by singing in unison, before splitting off into some unimaginably ethereal harmonies that are enough to give you goosebumps all over your body. Deep, velvety bass tones merge effortlessly with shimmering treble melodies, giving the impression that the performance is being delivered from an enormous cathedral rather than a tiny stairwell, while the quartet’s long, legato notes emit a feeling of peacefulness and serenity.

Another of Kings Return’s popular videos came in 2023, with a similarly harmony-rich version of the emotive Simon and Garfunkel ballad ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. The arrangement is significantly different from that of the original, but lends it an uplifting feeling through the use of the group’s trademark intricate harmonies and multilayered backing vocals. “The vocal arrangement is just exquisite” said one viewer, whilst another praised the “passion and purity” of the quartet’s singing.

Although Kings Return has a whole host of other videos available to watch online through both their YouTube channel and website, just watching their performances of ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ is enough to know that this group of young men has an extraordinary talent. Let’s hope they continue to share it with the world over the coming years.

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