Kazuho Monster Creates Animated Routine That Will Blow You Away

If you like street dancing and incredible feats of talent, you’re going to love the article we have for you today. The Japanese dance virtuoso known worldwide as Kazuho Monster dropped an unbelievable routine on the streets of Japan that left online audiences in shock and disbelief. This young talent showcased his impressive animation-style dancing. An umbrella is the featured prop of this dance routine, and Kazuho Monster’s interaction with it is truly innovative and exhilarating.

In the video, Kazuho Monster uses Paul Flint’s catchy dubstep hit “Sock It To Them” to complement his dance routine. The song’s initially calming electronic intro quickly turns into a high-octane thump of bass and dubstep drills, which go very well with Kazuho Monster’s increasingly complex dancing. Watch the incredible video for yourself below:

Each action that Kazuho Monster undergoes in this routine is met with meticulous care and concentration. Moves as animated yet fluid as these are hard to come by in the dance world, and take a long, long time to pull off with finesse. This is hardly Kazuho Monster’s first foray into dancing, however, as he has a long track record of being a successful dancer. Not only is he successful on his own content channels, but he has also competed in America’s Got Talent and collaborated with Casio.

In fact, Kazuho Monster’s entire YouTube channel is dedicated to this young talent showcasing his skills to the world. He has some truly incredible dance moves, and they are all accompanied by a different, yet fitting, background in each video. One of his routines amassed over 4 million views on YouTube and it features his signature animated dancing, along with incredible moonwalking. Watch below:

It must take an extreme amount of practice to get to where Kazuhomonster is today, but his hard work and determination are beginning to pay off in several ways. Not only is his dance work itself getting better and better, but his recognition online is getting stronger with every upload. He currently has a total of 288,000 subscribers on YouTube, but it’s on TikTok where this skilled dancer’s feats get the best attention.

If you want to watch more of Kazuho Monster’s amazing dance performances, make sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel. From stunning street routines to collaborations with top brands, you won’t want to miss out on what Kazuho Monster brings to the stage next.

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